Plus-Size Swim Dress vs. One-Piece—Which One Is Right for You?

Plus-Size Swim Dress vs. One-Piece—Which One Is Right for You?

Ah… summer and swimming! With so many options available in plus-size swimwear, which one is right for you? Let’s look at the qualities of the swim dress vs. the classic one-piece to help you find what suits you best.

Plus-Size Swim Dress

The swim dress is just a great invention. It’s a swimsuit with a built-in skirt, giving you an instant swim outfit that will also give you more modest coverage as you sun and lounge. Make sure to think about your individual style when you are thinking of swimwear. Do you love to get in the water and swim laps or play with the kids? Are you more of a lounge in a deck chair or take a stroll in the sand with your sweetheart kind of gal? Do you just love the sun and the sound of the surf? Maybe all of the above? Whether you are super athletic or into swimwear for pure relaxation, you’ll want a suit that will keep you comfy and covered as much as you want to be through all of the summer fun.

The right plus-size swim dress will keep you comfy both in the water and out. You will have a bit more fabric while swimming (which some women like and others don’t care for), but a swim dress is also a “one-stop shop” for beachwear to make your day easy and breezy.

Plus-Size One-Piece

For a more classic look with a bit less fabric, try the iconic plus-size one-piece swimsuit. You may want a companion garment for getting to and from the pool or beach or even just lounging once you get there, depending upon your preference for the sun. Although you won’t have the instant outfit that a swim dress gives you, a one-piece will look good with either plus-size shorts and a rash guard for full sun coverage or wear your suit with your favorite pull-on skirt.

You can also pair a one-piece swimsuit with a sarong, which is a sophisticated look and can take you from the beach to the boardwalk. Sarongs vary in length, so you can decide what look you prefer. A solid-colored one-piece with a colorful sarong can be striking—especially with a black swimsuit.

Searching for Support?

Whether you opt for a plus-size swim dress, a plus-size one-piece swimsuit, or another option, make sure that your suit gives you the support that you need. Many women prefer plus-size underwire swimwear. If you have ever tried on a swimsuit that just doesn’t support your bust the way you need it to, you will appreciate the right underwire swimsuit. One that is made well will give you the support that you need while being so comfy that you forget you are wearing an underwire suit. You deserve to feel confident and secure as you move through all your summer activities, including those in swimwear.

Plus-Size Beach Cover-Ups

A great beach cover-up is a swimwear essential. You can top either a swim dress or a one-piece swimsuit with a cover-up depending upon the style. Think of it as a swim ensemble. Both fit and style are key when it comes to plus-size cover-ups. You will want to choose a cover-up that fits easily over your suit and is designed for a quick change to get you into or out of the water as you prefer. You can color coordinate your cover-ups with your suits if you prefer, but as they “cover” by definition, you can also choose whatever looks cute.

Travel Options

If you will be traveling with your swimwear at all (lucky you!), keep a few more things in mind. Will you want to have your suit available shortly after you arrive? If so, consider packing your swimsuit or swim dress and your favorite beach cover-up in your carry-on bag. If you are gone for more than a couple of days, consider bringing at least two suits. That way you can have one drying or in the laundry and still have a fresh one to pull out of your bag and put on.

Plus-size maxi dresses can also be great companions to your swimwear. You can wear them in lieu of a cover-up, on the way to or from the pool, or out to lunch or dinner. If you choose to wear a maxi dress as a cover-up, just consider everywhere you will be going and whether it will be comfy to already have your suit on underneath or if you will have the option of slipping into a changing area and putting on your suit before you head out to the pool or the beach.

Whether in a plus-size swim dress, a plus-size one-piece, or another option, get out there and enjoy yourself!


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