Plus-Size Pride Month Outfit Ideas

Plus-Size Pride Month Outfit Ideas

June is pride month! As the weather warms up, the streets of big cities are expectant of this vibrant celebration. Around the world, the streets will be full of color, glitter, and outfits of all kinds as people come to celebrate who they are. Whether you’re coming to Pride for the first time or it’s one of many, having a few ideas about what to wear will take the stress off your preparation for the event. This is especially useful if you plan to fly to a big event and want to have everything ready to go.

In this guide, you will find out how to find the right Pride clothing that will keep you cool and how to find your comfort zone in outfit-building. By sticking to outfits that make you look and feel good, you will be sure to send out positive vibes. Check out these cute plus-size Pride outfit ideas you can wear out with your friends, in the street, and anywhere you want to feel fabulous.

Express Your Unique Personality

When you go to Pride, you’re celebrating yourself and others. Don’t copy someone else’s look, but search inside yourself and discover what makes you feel confident, proud, and amazing. You may feel comfortable wearing one of your favorite plus-size vacation dresses or want to go all out in thigh-high stockings and some short shorts. It’s totally up to you how you want to look and how much attention you want. No matter what you decide, though, do radiate positivity so that others around you can feel supported and celebrated.

Show Your Beautiful Colors

At Pride, there will be so many different outfits and styles around you. Some people may just wear standard street clothing, while others may be fully decked out with wings, glitter, feather boas, and other exciting ensembles. Since the main purpose of this event is to express joy and pride, colorful, cheerful clothing is more common. Bright pastels, hot pink, yellow, and other neon colors are everywhere, reflecting the day's joyful mood and high energy.

Rainbows will be seen left and right, and you can join the spectrum of color by selecting an accent piece like a bright, comfy cotton T-shirt. These basics can be matched with everything from leggings to short shorts! Feel good wearing every color of the rainbow since rainbow print bags, shoes, belts, and more will be all over the place. A Pride collection-inspired wardrobe is your key to sticking with positive, bright clothing in sync with the day’s mood. Browse through what’s available to see which ones you connect with.

Accessories to Stay Cool

While your look is important, the function is also vital for you to have the best time. You need clothing and accessories that will keep you cool and give you the freedom to move. As you celebrate, you’ll be out in the streets, meeting new people and probably giving a lot of hugs. If that’s the case, you should wear something to keep your internal temperature down, like a moisture-wicking athletic top or a shirt with breathable fabric like cotton.

Sandals, wide-brim hats, and shorts are also essential to keep you cool. Keep a water bottle or two in your bag to keep you hydrated as the day gets hotter. Also, take time to rest and get out of the sun to stay hydrated and not overheat. Cool fabrics like pique polos or athletic tops are perfect for hot weather because they don’t trap sweat but let the air breathe through and cool your skin. Take care of yourself and be proactive about your body’s needs to have the best day possible!


Speaking of cool fabrics, you can simply go to Pride in a swimsuit if you want to. This will keep you cool and allow you to express yourself uniquely. Wear a plus-size tankini top and shorts for a versatile outfit that keeps you protected from the sun and free from sticky sweat.

Plus-size swim shorts can also be the perfect Pride bottom because they are made to dry quickly and keep moisture away, and they just feel so incredibly comfortable. Swimsuit materials are made to stretch and offer a flattering fit that hugs your curves, so you can never go wrong by donning a set for this exciting event. Grab a few swimsuits separates in your favorite colors to have multiple options to fit your mood.

These plus-size Pride month outfits are sure to keep you looking good while feeling comfortable and confident as you celebrate!


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