Plus Size Pajamas for Women

Plus Size Pajamas for Women

Well, it’s official. They don’t call it ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing. As much as we appreciate science spreading the word once and for all, we at Lands’ End have known for quite some time that a good night’s sleep is directly related to happy, healthy and productive waking hours. Which is why we do our absolute best to make sure the clothes you sleep in are just as comfortable as the clothes you live your life in – no matter what the size on that tag happens to be. At Lands’ End we pride ourselves on designing our plus size clothing with your comfort in mind, meaning we adjust our proportions to fit your body (not the other way around). If your search for cozy plus size pajamas has you exhausted, check out what our customers are saying about our plus size pajamas and get ready for a real wakeup call in what you should expect from your women's plus size pajamas.

“Cannot tell you how nice it is to have found pajamas that actually fit, both width and length!” ~ SandiK426, Liverpool NY

Sure, you may be tired enough at night to sleep through any condition, but we don’t think pajamas-too-tight-to-dream-sweet should be one of them. At Lands’ End we make our plus size PJs with the same attention to detail and quality materials you’ve come to depend on in our everyday clothes. That means our plus size clothing and pajamas are altered differently than our regular sized items. In other words, we don’t just tack on some additional fabric to make our regular sized clothing wider. No, when we adjust the outer seam we’ll also adjust the inner leg seam to ensure they fit and flatter all over – and you look as good as you feel from sunset to sunrise.

“These nightgowns are the most comfortable, best feeling nightgowns made. I wear the long sleeved ones when it’s cooler, and the short sleeved ones in the summer.” ~ Spencer’s Mommy, Philadelphia Suburbs

Hey, seasons change but that doesn’t mean your comfort level should. Our nightgowns are made from 100% soft and smooth Supima cotton which probably makes them the softest thing you’ll ever sleep in. And the 100% cotton factor also makes them extremely breathable – a great feature for those of us that get a little heated under all of those fleece blankets. Available in both short and long sleeved, we’ve got you covered for whatever change the wind blows in all year long.

“The fit is very comfortable and does not bind if you toss and turn a lot. Like all Lands’ End products they wash and dry without fading, pilling or shrinking.” ~ Martha T., Santee CA

We know you don’t have the time to hand wash all of your most prized pieces of clothing. That’s why we make ours from quality, durable material that can stand up to frequent wear and machine washes. And knowing you don’t have to worry about shrinking means you can feel good about ordering your women's plus size pajama sets with your true size in mind for an even better fit all night long. Consult the size charts at to compare your measurements to our suggested sizes for the most accurate fit possible.

“They are probably the most comfortable pajamas I’ve ever worn. The fabric is substantial without being too heavy. Very well made with just the right amount of stretch.” ~ Bobbette, Georgia

The last thing you want when you’re settling in for a good night’s sleep is to feel like your women’s pajamas are too tight or restrictive when you’re trying to spread out. Our sleep sets with elastic waist bands are perfect for keeping you comfortable as you toss and turn (and dream) from the moment your head hits the pillow. Between the adjustable drawstrings to customize the fit and the slight amount of stretch found in the material, you’ll be tempted to wear your soon-to-be-favorite sleepwear during waking and lounging hours too.

Don’t lose another minute of precious beauty sleep trying to get comfy in some other subpar plus size pajamas. Shop today for the pajamas made for you and start sleeping your way to a happier life in no time.


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