3 Plus Size Instagram Photoshoot Ideas

3 Plus Size Instagram Photo Shoot Ideas

Celebrating great plus size style goes far beyond choosing pretty clothes for your closet. In the modern world, sharing what you know and love on social media is a great way to expand your sartorial universe. Instagram offers the perfect platform for precisely that: giving your followers some insight, spreading the fashion love, and creating fun and inspiring looks.

Whether it’s your first plus size photoshoot or you’re a picture-taking veteran who has amassed plenty of followers over the years, it’s never too late to take inspiration from these fresh concepts. The goal behind any photo shoot is to show off some gorgeous plus size clothing in the best possible light—all while you wear every piece with your head held high, confidence oozing from every pore. What could be better? If you’re brainstorming new ideas for your Instagram page, here are some to keep in mind.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Mother Nature’s beauty is undeniable, and it makes for some pretty incredible picture-taking opportunities. You don’t even need to look very hard to find spaces and places for your photographs, nor do you need to live near an exotic locale, a beach, or a mountain to take advantage of what the world has to offer. Consider what’s probably nearby: a park, a lake, even your backyard. In other words, if it’s outside, it may do the job perfectly.

The key is to choose a setting that serves as an attractive backdrop. Stony boulders add earthy and neutral notes to your photographs, allowing your vibrant plus size dresses to stand out. The crisp blue sky, dotted with fluffy white clouds, also serves as a neutral backdrop that won’t compete with the colors in your clothing. If there’s an open field nearby, it’s a beautiful place to show off something ethereal—a sweeping maxi skirt with a bohemian feel, for example, or a gauzy tunic with a wide belt slung across your hips. Have fun experimenting with different environments to achieve a certain mood for your photoshoot.

Build a Faux Studio

You don’t need to be a professional photographer or have access to a studio to actually create a studio. It turns out that you may have everything you need right at home. Take a peek in your linen closet and grab a bed sheet, ideally in a light shade like white. This will reflect light best, but you can really select anything that appeals to you. However, steer clear of anything too dark or patterned as these won’t photograph well and will compete with your clothing.

Hang the bedsheets strategically, creating a canvas on the wall behind you. Then set up your camera’s timer and start posing. Show off those fabulous plus size jeans that fit like a dream. Rock a pair of ankle boots or strappy sandals and add a glamorous top to the mix. Have fun creating new looks that you can capture from head to toe against a meticulous backdrop. What a great way for your followers to see how you’ve put together your look!

Visit a Special Spot

What’s meaningful to you? It’s your Instagram page, so naturally, it follows that you should use it to show off places that you love. In that spirit, head to a special location that connects with you in some way. It could be a restaurant you’ve frequented since you were a kid, or a beach you go to to find your Zen moments. You can always blur the background a bit to take away some of the noise if a lot is going on—but the end goal is to draw some sort of connection between you and your chosen spot.

The reason for this is simple: you’ll feel completely in your element when you’re somewhere warm, familiar, and homey. The most successful photographs are those in which you not only look great but also feel just as good—that positive vibe shines through in your smile and how you carry yourself while you model eye-catching plus size tunic tops and leggings. When you’re relaxed in mind and engaged in spirit, you’ll feel ready for anything. Plus, your devoted followers will appreciate this chance to get to know you better if you choose to share the story about why this location means so much to you.

No matter what you choose to do, you can bet you’ll feel your best in clothes that are cut to flatter. There’s nothing like slipping into the perfect midi dress and block heels, or the ultimate pair of jeans and a pretty blouse, or the immaculately tailored blazer and structured pants to match. Whether you’re offering your style tips or want to show off your great fashion sense, these photoshoot tips will help you achieve your goals.


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