5 Must-Have Plus Size Garments for a Spring Break Trip

5 Must-Have Plus Size Garments for a Spring Break Trip

Spring break comes with promise. Not only are the days brighter and longer, but it also gives you the opportunity to disconnect from the world for a while and take out some time to enjoy a much-needed getaway. Whether you’re headed to the beach or some far-flung destination that’s been on your bucket list for years, you know that there’s one bottom line that’s inarguable: Comfortable attire is a must.

Forget about trying to get through any trip without garments that fit like a dream. Another great thing about vacationing at this time of year is that it affords you excuses galore to slip into everything from your favorite women’s dresses to stylish swimwear to breezy tops and shorts. What will it be? The good news is there’s room for everything in your spring holiday wardrobe. Here are some plus-size essentials to stash in your suitcase.

Bermuda Shorts

The beauty of Bermuda shorts is that they’re inherently casual, but they also boast a slightly more pulled-together vibe than, say, the sporty style you might wear when you’re running around town checking items off your errand list. They’re also nothing like khaki shorts, bike shorts, or anything else that might come your way. It’s safe to say that they’re actually the perfect shorts for spring break.

And what could be better, honestly, than a pair of plus size Bermuda shorts that just happens to look phenomenal with everything you pack? Features like elastic waists and deep pockets make them especially suitable to wear on your getaway—you’ll love the comfort they provide and the space they offer for everything from your smartphone to your hotel key. Paired with anything from a simple T-shirt to a tank top, they’ll look fabulous.

Maxi Dresses

By and large, spring is warm and comfortable. It’s not quite summer weather, though, so you might benefit from a little extra coverage than the average mini or midi dress would provide. Nevertheless, a few maxi dresses will serve you well through virtually every activity on your spring break itinerary, whether you’re walking around town exploring the attractions, going out for a nice meal with the family, or strolling on the boardwalk.

You’ll find these timeless plus-size dresses in a variety of gorgeous styles. Dress things up a little bit with a tiered style in a vibrant color for an instant pop that announces to the world you’re ready for vacation. Take your pick from a wide assortment of shades and lively patterns. If you know you’ll be going out and want something you can take from casual to dressy with just a few choice accessories, pack a black maxi dress. You can easily take it to the next level with a bold statement necklace and a pair of metallic sandals.


Spring is layering season. While sunny days reign, there’s always the chance of encountering a chill. It might be breezy, drizzly, or just a little cooler than average. Some days may even call for a jacket. But otherwise, a cardigan is perfect for tossing in your suitcase. You may want to bring along a couple of types—a longer one that you can wear with light tops, leggings, and sneakers, and a shorter one that you can wear with dresses and skirts.

Plus size cardigans are available in a variety of styles, making it easy to find the right candidates for your getaway. Simple button-front styles that fall just below the waist are available in a range of neutral and bright colors. They’re easy to throw on over your tees and dresses. Opt for a breezier style with a flyaway opening for a more laid-back look with jeans and pants.


Whether you’re hitting the beach or have big plans to relax by the hotel pool, you may want to bring along a fabulous cover-up. As chic as they are comfortable, cover-ups are incredibly versatile—so much so that you can even wear some styles to lunch or dinner if you don’t have time to change into another outfit.

What to pick? Choose from an assortment of styles that are flattering and provide just the right level of coverage based on your preferences. A maxi makes a great plus-size cover-up that you can easily slip on over your suit when you want to keep your legs protected from harsh ultraviolet rays. Try a breezy short-sleeve sheath cover-up to keep you cool on warmer days. There are also fabulous cover-up skirts that you can simply pull on and go. They look right at home with your favorite tankini and bikini tops.

Capri Pants

If you don’t want to wear pants but prefer something that offers a little more coverage than a pair of shorts, make sure to bring along some capri pants. You’ll be surprised at just how versatile these popular bottoms can be, adding a pop of easy, breezy style to any look. Crisp seersucker styles dominate the warmer months, allowing your skin to breathe when temperatures rise. Linen is another great option that will help you keep your cool.

Pair your plus-size capri pants with anything from tucked-in T-shirts to untucked tunics. Step into wedges, slides, or canvas sneakers. Dress them up or play them down. No matter how you wear them, you’ll love the versatility they add to your vacation wardrobe.

Spring break is a great time to relax and enjoy some well-deserved free time. Make the most of the getaway and slip into comfortable, effortless clothing that looks as great as it feels.


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