Plus Size Flannel Shirts that Fit as They Should

Plus Size Flannel Shirts That Fit as They Should

When it comes to plus-size flannel shirts, you want to have one that does it all. Then, when the fit is perfect, and the quality is confirmed, it's like striking gold.

You want to add a few more to the cart just to make sure you have the season's best comfort locked down. Women's flannel shirts get us through the cooler months of fall and extend through the most frigid days in the winter, and into the early days of spring. So, what do we need to do to find ourselves the best plus-size flannel shirts?

How to Find That Perfect Flannel Fit

If you’re wondering, “What size flannel shirt should I get?” the good thing is that it isn’t difficult to find the perfect fit. Overall, it’s about your style and how you plan on wearing it. You don’t want it to be too tight, especially if you plan on wearing it over a women’s T-shirt, so make sure it’s roomy but not so loose that it looks like you’re drowning in it.

As for the length, the body of the flannel shirt should fall just past your waistband, below your hips. If you’re not going to tuck it in, and if you’re wearing want a more polished-up look than a traditional dovetail flannel provides, opt for a square hem that is a bit shorter and looks perfectly professional untucked.

Keep the sleeve length in mind, too. The sleeve seam should allow room for movement in your arm without being too tight. The cuff should reach your wrist, no longer and no shorter. If you’re having a difficult time finding the perfect fit, consider a plus-size flannel shirt for petites or one in a tall size.

If you really want to make sure your flannels fit perfectly, you may want to consider the collar as well. Overall, it should rest on the back of your neck, but not as tight as a typical women’s dress shirt would. Normally, people don’t wear their flannel shirts completely buttoned up. But if that’s a look you like, make sure that it’s not too tight since a tight, uncomfortable shirt goes against everything that flannel stands for.

How to Style Your Plus-Size Flannel Shirt

Other than letting your flannel shirt hang loose over plus-size leggings or skinny jeans, there is also the obvious option of completely tucking it into some pants or jeans with a belt. Since the French tuck is sweeping the nation (tucking it in in the front and letting it hang out over the back), that's a viable style choice as well. It really depends on the day, and it's nice to have a few options with just one shirt.

It’s also stylish to roll up the sleeves of your flannel up to the three-quarter length. But you can also comfortably leave them buttoned around your wrist without worrying about any extra fabric adding bulk. And since flannel is so soft, it’s nice to have it hugging your wrist — especially when it’s cold outside.

See How Special Cotton Flannel Feels

Beyond the fit, the equally important "feel" of a plus-sized flannel shirt will practically revolutionize your wardrobe. You'll start buying up flannel sheets for your bed, find dress shirts made of flannel, wear plus-size flannel pajamas for weekends at a time, etc. That flannel feeling is 100% cotton and 100% worth every penny. And it's a contagious fabric that your wardrobe will fall in love with.

When you have a reliable flannel shirt, you're likely to forget about the small things. It’s like a warm hug that gives you all-day confidence. And when it comes to a comfortable fit, the flannel will give you that and more. As a bonus, your hugs will be the best because of that brushed-inside-and-out feel.

When to Wear Plus-Size Flannel Shirts

A flannel shirt is one of the few wardrobe items that we love to wear year-round. Even in the summer, they’re great for wrapping around your waist during the day and wearing over a T-shirt or a plus size dress when the sun goes down.

During fall and winter, flannel shirts are often paired with sweaters and cardigans, and they always look great underneath a denim jacket.

Why We Love Flannel Shirts for Women

Flannel shirts make a casual look more formal, more buttoned up, and ready for action. Yet they don’t look too formal, which makes them perfect for business casual work environments. And they’re so timeless, you can guarantee that once you have a flannel shirt that fits great, looks good, and feels super comfortable, you’ll be wearing it for years. And since they’re fuss-free and wrinkle-resistant, flannel shirts are one of the best wardrobe investments out there.


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