Plus-Size Summer Fashion Myths Debunked

Plus-Size Summer Fashion Myths Debunked

There’s no shortage of “rules” for how to dress if you’re plus-sized (or any size!). We’ve been told time and again by the media that “only certain kinds of women’s swimsuits are flattering if you’re larger than a runway model!” We’ve also been told that “black swimsuits are the only safe choice unless you’re teeny-tiny.”

Other assertions include: “Never wear a two-piece swimsuit if you’re apple-shaped,” and “one-piece swimsuits only!” Sometimes these so-called fashion “rules” even contradict each other!

The good news is that these plus-size fashion myths are just that: myths! They may be popular and might even be (in someone’s eyes) well-intentioned, but they’re often just not true! Read on and enjoy as we debunk these myths and give you the real lowdown on putting together flattering outfits — no matter your size — instead!

Two-Pieces Can Be Great Picks!

As we alluded to above, there’s no shortage of myths proliferating about plus-size swimwear. Here’s the truth: if you feel most confident in a one-piece, or you love the additional sun-protecting coverage provided by one, then rock that one-piece! But you by no means have to stick to only one-piece suits. A two-piece swimsuit can highlight your waist beautifully if you’re an hourglass-shaped plus-size person, and two-pieces can be an awesome choice for anyone who wants to go for a fun, youthful, classic “beach babe in a bikini” look.

The cut of the two-piece can matter far more, as far as flattering one’s figure, than the choice between a one-piece and a two-piece. Choosing a plus-size two-piece swimsuit (rather than a one-piece) also shows that you’re not a rule-follower, which can be a fun fashion statement in itself. Our best plus-size swimsuits include both one-piece and two-piece options.

Live Your Life in Color!

There’s also no reason you’ve got to stick to black swimsuits (unless you prefer them). Don’t be afraid to live your life in color; wearing colors that suit your skin tone, hair hue, and eye color can bring out a beautiful natural glow in your skin and a lovely sparkle in your eyes! Bold colors or prints are also just plain fun, and they have an ultra-summery feel.

Wearing a bright color can also lift your mood and brighten your day in a way that basic black often can’t. Here are the facts: wear whatever color swimsuit you’d like! You’ll look great when you love what you’re wearing (even if that’s neon green or fuchsia!). We’ve got lots of brightly colored and cheerfully patterned plus-size swim options in stock. So you can enjoy the mood-boosting effects — and fun! — of color. (Nothing says “summer vacation” like a sunny yellow, cotton-candy pink, or sky blue shade!)

Let’s Talk About Shape — Swimsuit Shape

There’s also a myth that holds that only swimwear cut in floaty shapes can flatter a plus-size figure (think blousons or tulip cuts). In reality, our slimming swimsuits and tummy control swimsuits might be form-fitting, but they provide the kind of support and shape enhancement that can frame your body best.

That said, if you love a looser cut suit, though, definitely rock that looser cut — you’ll always look great when you’ve made the choice you feel most comfortable in! Among the best plus-size swimsuits, there are always some looser options as well as some more form-fitting ones. Our tried-and-true top five plus-size swimwear styles showcase a variety of styles; they aren’t all one cut — there are plenty of different ways to look fantastic!

The Lowdown on Built-In Bras

Another myth we’re happy to debunk is that high-support bras will flatten a plus-size body’s bustline in an unflattering way. Here’s the lowdown: while some high-support bras built into plus-size swimwear can minimize (which can be great if you’re looking for a built-in bra with minimizing capabilities!), they don’t all do that — sometimes the support that a high-support built-in bra provides is the kind that lifts and separates, flattering your body and creating a perky look.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Coverage But Were Afraid to Ask

It’s also a myth that plus-size women need to always go for more coverage, rather than less coverage, on the bottom if they want to make the most of their figures. In reality, you don’t need to choose a skirted style or swim dress unless that’s what you love the most!

A higher-cut leg line can be fabulously elongating and flattering — legs for miles right this way! It’s kind of analogous to the way that a higher-waisted legging can create a leg-elongating look that’s great for the running track or the yoga studio (when we round up the best plus-size workout clothes for summer each year, a high-waisted legging almost always makes the cut!)

Our Best Style Secret (for All Seasons and All Bodies)

It’s time we leave the pressure (and fiction) of plus-size fashion myths behind. The most important thing to remember is that when you sport what you love and dress according to your own preferences, you can never go wrong, and you’ll always feel confident and comfortable! The foremost expert on your best look is always available to you — you’ve got her conveniently on speed dial because she’s you!


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