Plus Size Active Leggings for Everyday Wear

Plus Size Active Leggings for Everyday Wear

Ok, I'm going to let you ladies in on a little life-altering secret. Are you ready? You don't actually have to plan on being active to wear active leggings on the regular. Sure, slipping into a pair of plus size leggings for an early morning walk or training session is always a good choice but, what I'm saying, is that there's no need to feel like you have to break a sweat to commit to a day of fashionable and comfy leggings. Thankfully the athleisure lifestyle is on the rise and that little fashion world wonder gives all of us ladies the A.O.K. to mix fashion with comfort any day of the week. Not sure you can pull it off? Keep reading for a few of my suggestions on how you can include your Lands' End plus size active leggings into your everyday wardrobe. Really, it's no sweat (literally).

Leggings at Work

Remaining fresh and productive for 40 hours a week is a little harder when you have to wear restrictive, uncomfortable clothes every day. Free yourself of tummy pinching dress pants and swap them out for some comfy, yet stylish knit leggings instead. Look for leggings appropriate for the workplace like those made from substantial fabric, making your leggings thick enough to avoid any embarrassing bright-light transparencies when you sit down or bend over. Plus the thicker fabric will help to minimize any unwanted lumps and bumps that come with wearing curve-hugging plus size bottoms. You also need to consider the sheen of the fabric – as in you don't want any at the office. Lands' End knit leggings nix the spandex sheen, making them ideal for blending in with your work wardrobe.

Styling your active leggings for work takes a little know-how. After all, as much as we'd like it to be true, leggings just aren't pants and you have to plan the rest of your outfit accordingly. Wear a loose, never clingy, top like a plus-size tunic or extended size sweater that hits mid-thigh, guaranteed to provide adequate curve coverage. And skip the casual footwear. Instead, pair your workplace leggings with heels or boots to keep that 'always professional' vibe going strong.

Leggings for Exercise

As much as you don't have to exercise when you're wearing leggings you really should wear them when you exercise. Whether your cardio of choice is running, walking or downward dogging you want an active plus size legging designed to keep you comfortable with every breath you take. Look for an active legging with a generous amount of stretch to keep you flexible but with maximum hold that offers your body a little extra support for high-intensity workouts. Of course, no one can stay comfortable for long if your clothes are drenched in sweat, which is why that essential wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry from the start of your workout to the end is an absolute must.

Leggings for Weekends

Nobody loves spending their weekend running errands but when you do it in a pair of cute and comfy print leggings it's a little easier. Not only are Lands' End plus size print leggings made from soft cotton jersey with just the right amount of stretch, but they're available in a variety of colors and prints, giving you ample opportunity to express yourself however you see fit. Made from a substantial fabric that offers a smoother look with a comfortable elastic waist, you can feel good about styling your leggings from morning until night all weekend long. Whether you're pairing them with a cozy flannel tunic or a fave plus size cardigan, you will love the fun and laid-back comfort of wearing printed leggings during your precious downtime.

Plus Size Legging Sets

Lands' End has a selection of what some may consider matching sets. Our Thermaskin fabric is so integrated with your body that makes you feel like you're not wearing anything at all (which might give you a scare if you forget every once in a while). If you're planning on hanging out at home all day and want to stay snug and warm with no movement restrictions, these are your best friend!

Altering Leggings

We come in all shapes and sizes making it difficult to find a perfect article of clothing. If you feel comfortable altering clothing, you may be thinking leggings should be a cinch. We recommend special sewing needles for stretch fabric as well as specialized stitching. If the stakes are high, best to take them to a professional for alterations.

When you have a selection of quality plus size leggings sets this versatile and stylish there's really no reason why you can't wear them for every part of your week. Embrace the beauty of comfort this season and stock up on active leggings made for you at Lands' End. Why wait?

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