Plus Size

Plus is just a size: Advice on building a body of confidence.

By the time you realize you’ve lost your body confidence, you feel like it will be impossible to get back. However, if you commit to consciously making these five changes, you'll regain what was yours all along. Consider this couples therapy for you and that woman in the mirror.

Body confidence is not reserved for plus sizes.

At age 21, fate put things into perspective for me in a Las Vegas restroom when a certain model I'd idolized throughout my high school years washed her hands at the sink next to mine. Heart-stopping shock flooded over me as I witnessed her lean in and tear herself down....crows feet, fine lines, worry wrinkles, dark circles, bags under her eyes, a double chin, saggy neck, flabby underarms, a poochy tummy...As she dried her hands and walked out, I let reality wash over me. Sadly, when she looked in the mirror, she didn't see gorgeous. That was the day the game changed for me. Magically, my idol and I were somehow on the same playing field, and our team consisted of every women who'd ever paused to gaze at her own reflection.

Put me in, Coach.

Time to take matters in to your own hands. Changing your personal style can drastically affect the way you feel about your body, even if your body itself hasn't significantly changed. Need proof? If you've spent the last decade in yoga pants, tees, and baby goo, slip into a Ponte Sheath Dress and prepare for your jaw to drop.

Defense wins games.

This one doesn't happen overnight. But when you focus your energy on elevating your inner beauty, you'll build the strength to defend yourself from the negativity that tries to cloud your reflection. Grant permission to see yourself through the eyes of the ones who love you most, then dress the part. Buy clothes that fit you now. Invest in a tailor for a few of your most special pieces. Upgrade your sweater collection to include at least one cashmere sweater. You should be seen, not hidden. Over time, your eyewear will transition from blinders to rose colored glasses.

Throwback jersey.

Can you think of a time when you felt absolutely stunning? I recently witnessed this phenomenon in my daughter. Her hair had taken so long to grow in that she literally got her first haircut when she was four years old, and even then it was just a trim. However, to her, it was much more than “just a trim.” For about a month straight, she knew without a doubt she was truly fabulous! I secretly watched her as she shook her locks, flipped her hair, twirled it around her tiny fingers, and absolutely light up when anyone would ask, “Did you get your hair cut?” Challenge yourself to rediscover the reflection that you saw before you gave in to the doubt. A great pair of jeans is out there, waiting for you to discover them. Balance your hourglass shape with a pair of bootcut jeans, white buttondown shirt and a simple jacket. Look for fabrics with stretch and in timeless cuts for starters. They’re classic for a reason.

Score a Homerun.

Existing in an aesthetically pleasing environment changes the way you process beauty. If you usually get ready to face the day in your bedroom or master bath, transition from drab to dreamy by simply upgrading your bedding and accent pieces. Set the mood with a little aromatherapy. The right diffuser or scented candle harnesses the power to allow you to start your day with a more positive state of mind.

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