Playful Pride Outfits for Men

June is Pride Month, and celebrations are kicking off in cities around the world. If this is your first time at Pride, you probably have many questions like what you should wear. The good news is that you have so many choices. When you go to Pride, you’ll notice outfits of all kinds. Since people express themselves in different ways, you’ll find everything from rainbow prints, festive flags, shimmery dresses, and flower crowns to everyday casual clothing.

When looking for an outfit that will be just right for you, remember that you’re showing up to celebrate yourself and your community. Be uniquely you! Think about how you want to express yourself. If the outfit makes you feel good, then it’s most likely a good outfit for Pride. If you need to make an outfit, these playful Pride clothing ideas can help you decide on your next favorite look.

Express Yourself!

The wonderful thing about Pride is that practically anything goes. The only thing that isn’t okay is any clothing that is disrespectful to the event. If your outfit has a friendly vibe and you are dressed to support the cause, then you should be just fine. When you arrive, you’ll see so many expressions of self-love. There will be everything from “standard” streetwear to people dressed like Vikings or ancient Romans. Truly, there is no limit to what you can do. Do you want to wear a midi skirt and a tank top? Go ahead! Do you feel comfortable in shorts and a cotton shirt? Then this outfit will suit you the most.

You’ll see bare faces and painted faces, all-black outfits, and people head to toe in glittery fabrics—seriously, this environment of freedom is what makes Pride unique. Whether this is your first Pride or one of many, this is a festival where there is no judgment and very few “wrong” choices. Overall, if you’re in doubt that your clothing is supportive or positive, then don’t wear it. Other than that, have fun creating your unique look.

Bright Colors

There are many colorful flags that represent parts of the LGBTQ+ community, so choosing a variety of bright colors will reflect Pride’s cheerful theme. Rainbow-colored flags are a common sight, so anything on that spectrum of red, orange, green, yellow, red, blue, and purple will look great on you. Jazz up your top with a rainbow-colored boa, hat, or even tie the flag around your neck like a cape—it’s up to you how you want to celebrate! A quick search on the internet can lead you to fun accessories with rainbow prints and bright-colored accessories to dapple your outfit with extra Pride flair.

Bright colors can easily match handheld pride flags, so something like a pink or bright yellow T-shirt or men’s polos would look just right with your Pride outfit. Don’t forget to accessorize with sunglasses if you plan to be outside for most of the day. Glam factors like necklaces, handbags, and some comfortable shoes for walking are also a must so you can keep up with all the action.

Stay Cool

Another thing about Pride—it happens in June. That means that it’s probably going to be hot unless you get lucky and catch a cloudy day. Dress for the weather and bring some water with you to stay cool. Getting a shirt made of Supima cotton will keep you from overheating because it isn’t made of synthetic materials that can trap sweat and air. Men’s button-down shirts made of linen are also summer-friendly and come in so many cute colors and patterns.

Another way to stay cool is to wear men’s board shorts instead of regular shorts. Many swim trunks look just like streetwear but are made of moisture-wicking materials to keep you feeling fresh all day. The convenient rip grip back pockets, drawstring closures, and UPF 50 fabric also ensure the best fit and a secure spot for your wallet and keys.

Travel Comfortably

If you need to travel to Pride, then you also need the right gear. Light totes are good for carrying things you need while out at Pride while other men’s bags like an everyday duffel bag are perfect for a local flight and a weekend hotel trip. By keeping all your essentials in one spot, you can have a wonderful time and make a temporary home away from home.

By staying true to your unique style and finding functional pieces, you can create a Pride outfit that is just as wonderful as you are!


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