How to Plan a Halloween Sleepover Your Kids Will Love

How to Plan a Halloween Sleepover Your Kids Will Love

Halloween is the perfect time to have a spooky sleepover. Kids of all ages will enjoy getting together with friends and sharing a night of fun. Make Halloween memorable this year by planning the perfect sleepover event for your kiddos and their friends.

Make It Spooky, But Not Too Scary

Having a sleepover on the evening everyone deems fright night can be hair-raising fun for kids, but it’s best to avoid making it too scary for them. Depending on children’s ages, personalities, and more, they may be more sensitive to frightening things. A good rule of thumb is to make it a little spooky but keep it silly and fun, too. Games like guessing which classic foods resemble monster body parts, silly Halloween trivia, costume or Halloween pajama contests, and classic party games with a Halloween twist (like pin the broom on the witch instead of pin the tail on the donkey) can all equal a ghoulishly great time for kids.

Have Plenty of Treats and Healthy Snacks, too

When most kids think of Halloween, mountains of candy come to mind. Whether kids go trick-or-treating before the sleepover or you have fun treats out during the event, it’s also important to have healthy snack and meal options on hand to keep kids from having sugar overload. Everyone can have fun by making snack and meal foods with a Halloween twist, such as turkey hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls and made to resemble mummies, or veggie trays with monster avocado dip. Another way to highlight treats without going overboard on the sugar is to make them part of an activity. Help guests make and decorate Halloween-themed cookies, or play a candy guessing game where winners get to keep the treats. When it comes to drinks, you can also cut back on the sugar by offering fun fruit-flavored water bottles with cute Halloween wrappers instead of soda.

Plan Halloween Games to Keep Them Entertained

Kids like to have fun, especially on the spookiest night of the year. Plan enough games and activities that you think will fill up the evening, plus have one or two back-ups in place in case one of the activities falls through. Have a dance-off with Halloween music, or set up a simple Halloween scavenger hunt in the backyard. Bring out the arts and crafts supplies and create an imaginative monster or favorite Halloween movie character. Play charades or Pictionary with Halloween words and phrases. The games and activities don’t have to be elaborate to have some fun. All it takes is a little creativity and some Halloween flair for an unforgettable sleepover.

Allow for Some Downtime, Too

As you’re planning all the games, activities, and treats, keep in mind that the evening should have some downtime, too. Kids will enjoy having some space to talk with friends, listen to music together, or watch favorite Halloween-themed (and parent-approved!) movies. Remember that every second of the sleepover doesn’t have to be planned in order for kids to have fun.

Have Extra Bedding on Hand to Keep Kids Cozy and Comfy

If there’s one thing that’s a must for any Halloween sleepover, it’s comfy bedding to snuggle up in to ward off the evening’s chills (and thrills)! Be sure to have plenty of pillows, comforters, and cozy items like flannel sheets on hand for guests. To make the night extra special, you may even want to gift kids fun personalized sleeping bags.

Prep Treat Bags and Stock Up Well Before the Sleepover

A simple way to make sleepover prep stress-free is to do some small tasks in advance. Stock up on orange and black paper goods, pick up inexpensive Halloween serving ware in advance, and pick up all the items you need for the treat bags. Pro tip: Fill canvas tote bags, slings, or mini bags with some non-food goodies like glow sticks or glow bracelets, Halloween-themed stickers, or even things like kids’ headbands or fun shoelaces for a memorable treat bag. Put the bags together and stock up on all the necessities from drinks to game prizes in advance to keep the evening flowing smoothly.

Set Some Boundaries With Your Kids in Advance to Keep It Safe and Fun

Halloween comes with some tricks along with some treats. Sometimes the prankster comes out even in the most serious kid. In order to indulge your child’s inner trickster but keep things safe and fun for everyone, make sure to discuss any Halloween jokes and pranks in advance. This will allow kids to have some harmless Halloween fun and keep everyone feeling good about the evening.

Plan a Hauntingly Good Halloween Sleepover

With a little prep and some creative planning, your kids will have great memories of their Halloween sleepover. Be ready to make the evening frighteningly good for children of any age with this simple tips.


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