Planning a Fall Staycation Your Family Won't Forget

Planning a Fall Staycation Your Family Won't Forget

Put together a fall staycation to remember with a little planning and some inspiration. We’ve compiled some ideas to help you create a vacation atmosphere at home. Staycations provide a relaxing break from the daily grind—without having to pack any suitcases or navigate the airport.

Consider a Staycation Theme

Create the appeal of a vacation destination with the right decorations. If you want to keep things seasonal, create a festive ambiance with fall décor. Examples include wreaths for indoors and out and a welcome mat to create an inviting feel the moment you step on the porch. Throw pillows in fall colors and motifs can also increase the coziness factor of your home and contribute to the staycation experience.

Express your creative side when choosing and putting together a staycation theme. For a beach theme, you can decorate the living room and other areas of your home with bright, tropical colors and prints. Swap your regular bath towels for beach towels—they fit the beachy theme and are large enough to wrap up in after a shower. String lights can be strewn throughout your home for a festive atmosphere.

If you’re going for the warm, cozy look of a ski lodge, evergreen garlands and wreaths can help you set the scene. Pick up the kitchen supplies to create rustic meals worthy of a luxury lodge restaurant—such as seared salmon or pan-fried steak—or even fun desserts such as oven S’mores. The same string lights that work for the previously mentioned beach theme can be wound around garlands for a high-end lodge look.

Just Add Amenities

Hotels and resorts have lots of amenities, so consider adding some around the house for your staycation. For an authentic experience without the extravagant fees, stock a mini fridge with special drinks and snacks for the occasion. If you want to go simpler, fill a candy dish with individually wrapped sweets and place it on the coffee table for easy access.

Toss throw blankets in plush fabrics over the sofa and any living room chairs. Scented candles of the traditional or LED flameless variety can create an elegant glow while infusing your space with a pleasant fragrance.

While you may not have room service, everyone can take turns with serving duties so that everyone gets the vacation experience. You can also take advantage of any automatic functions your home technology may have. For example, put coffee and water in your coffee machine the night before and use the automatic brew function to enjoy fresh coffee first thing in the morning.

Dress for the Occasion

Just as you’d choose vacation outfits, you can select what to wear ahead of time for your staycation. If you’d normally shop for vacation dresses, you don’t have to change your routine. There are lounge dresses in sizes to fit every body. They come in different colors and prints so you can find a staycation dress that’s comfortable and stylish.

Even the kids can have special staycation apparel. Girls’ and boys’ pullover hoodies with joggers or sweatpants are a cozy option that works for most around-the-house activities. There are also matching family pajamas that your whole crew can wear while you enjoy your staycation.

Plan Staycation Activities

Adults and kids can have fun participating in staycation activities. A family movie night complete with popcorn and everyone’s favorite drinks is a fun idea. You could even put on the previously mentioned family PJs and cozy up for a double- or triple-feature. Game night is another easy to implement staycation activity, whether you opt for traditional board games or high-tech video games.

Allow for Off-Time

Whether or not you’ve planned a staycation itinerary, it’s a good idea to pencil in some downtime. Allow everyone plenty of time to do activities on their own if they choose, then come together at a designated time for family staycation events. Family members can read books, play one-player games, take naps or spend the time however they prefer. For busy parents who don’t get a lot of free time, staycations can offer the opportunity to explore a new hobby or enjoy simple pleasures like sipping coffee while birdwatching from a comfy chair by the window.

Enjoy Local Outings

Just because you’re on a staycation doesn’t mean you can’t go out. Along with your at-home activities, you can work in trips to destinations close to home. For example, you might take the family to lunch at a local restaurant or spend some time browsing the mall. If there are landmarks or attractions in your city that you haven’t had the time to explore, a staycation can allow for it.

These are just some of the ways you can create a memorable family staycation. Grab a notebook and jot down some ideas you like or ones that come to you, then ask your family for additional input. Your fall staycation might be such a success that it becomes an annual tradition.


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