How to Plan a Beach Date

How to Plan a Beach Date

The beach is beautiful and peaceful. Not only do those characteristics make it the perfect place to escape for a little rest and relaxation, but they also make it a wonderful option for a date with someone special. There’s so much to appreciate about this environment, from the sun as it shines brightly and warms your skin to the cool breeze wafting through the air. Add to that the fresh scent of sea salt and the sound of waves crashing against the shore, and you have all of the ingredients needed for the ultimate date spot.

Once you’ve chosen a location, you may want to put some energy into planning the rest of the date. There are dozens of little elements that promise to make your date a success—and they go far beyond where you choose to have it. While it definitely doesn’t hurt that your date might be at the beach, it’s the little details—the pretty cotton sundress and the comfortable sandals, for example—that will make it the ultimate date to remember. Here are some tips to help you plan the ultimate beach date with your special someone.

Go at the Right Time

Sure, the sand may feel like the coziest blanket beneath your feet, but that alone won’t do much for you if you go when it’s too cold or even too warm. You also want to make sure that you don’t arrive at the beach at the same time as the afternoon crowd. That kind of rush can greatly take away from the ambiance of your date, leaving you with less than optimal privacy and making it difficult to concentrate on one another.

Ideally, you should go at a time when the setting is just right, and the crowds are a little calmer. It’s common for couples to head to the beach at sunset, so if you can find an out-of-the-way beach to visit at that time of the day, you can almost guarantee that it will be a successful date. Be sure to check the weather, too, so you can toss a women’s cardigan sweater in your bag if it’s necessary.

Bring Along a Tasty Meal

If you aren’t planning to dine beforehand, bring the food along with you instead. The best beach meals are tidy—avoid anything that’s guaranteed to produce a big mess, like dishes with a lot of sauce or anything that might be a bit too crumbly for your liking or your date’s enjoyment.

Fill a picnic basket with all of your beach dining essentials, like sandwiches, cheese, crackers, grapes, and a bottle of wine or some sparkling water, if you prefer. Don’t forget the hand towels and a pretty blanket where you can neatly lay it all out. Presentation matters on an occasion as special as this.

Pack Your Bathing Suits

While there’s no guarantee you’ll want to take a dip; an adventurous couple may want to get their feet wet or go for a quick swim. That’s even more likely if you’re planning to spend a considerable amount of time at the beach for your date. Make sure you have everything you need, just in case, from your bathing suit to a bottle of sunscreen to a pair of comfortable sandals or flip-flops.

Even if swimming isn’t in the cards, it’s always smart to have another option handy in case you decide to go for a walk along the shore. Cute beach cover-ups are always great and are available in a variety of lengths and styles to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Try a maxi length with chic metallic sandals or a shorter length if you’d prefer to bare some skin. It’s worth repeating: don’t forget the sunscreen! You don’t want your date hampered by an uncomfortable sunburn.

Set Aside the Distractions

Talk about an escape from the outside world. A beach date isn’t just romantic but also the perfect opportunity to disconnect from everything around the two of you—the noise, the chaos, the news, the responsibilities, the heaviness that you might feel when “real life” is going on. Your date isn’t just destined to be fun but also a wonderful way for you to spend some true quality time with one another. Obviously, it doesn’t hurt that this happens to be one of the most romantic settings imaginable, either!

Make it a priority to make this date all about you and your significant other. Leave the smartphone in your bag, preferably on silent, so you can truly focus on one another. Bring along something cozy, like a fleece blanket, and pack a tasty dessert that you two can share while you watch the sunset. Breathing in the fresh air, you’ll both feel completely at bliss—both in each other’s company and in the solitude that only the beach can provide.

When you focus on the little details, everything will come together beautifully. Make it a beach date to remember with the right clothes, food, and accessories—and prepare to make it the first of many dates by the sea!


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