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Planning a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

A 50th wedding anniversary is one of the most special milestones two people could celebrate in life. Such a momentous occasion calls for a party so that a couple’s loved ones can celebrate with them! If you are planning a 50th wedding anniversary party for yourself or for loved ones within your family, look no further. In this post, we will take a look at this comprehensive party planning guide to help you make sure this event is unforgettable.

Write the Guest List

Before thinking about location, food, and other party details, start by figuring out the number of people you will invite to the party. Decide whether you will host a small, intimate gathering with just your closest friends and family or if you want to invite everyone you know and have known through the years to celebrate with you. Once you know how many people will be invited and attending, you can make your venue and food decisions based on that number.

Pick a Location

A wedding anniversary, like any party, can be held just about anywhere! If you prefer an informal, intimate setting for a small group, consider hosting the party in your own home. If the weather is warm and you have the space for it, you can set up your party in the backyard, similar to backyard weddings. If you have a large guest list and plans for a more formal celebration, explore various event venues in your area. Should you have a theme for your anniversary party, you can base your venue decisions on the theme. Want to enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner in an upscale restaurant? Call the restaurant well in advance and inquire about a private room space. Want to host a regal ball to celebrate the milestone? Check out local wedding venues, luxury hotel lobbies, or other high-end venues and beautiful spaces that regularly rent out their space. Wherever you decide to hold your wedding anniversary party, establish the location of the event very early on in the party planning process, as many places will book up quickly.

Factor in Food Plans

Food is a fundamental pillar of every great party. Start by thinking about what time of day you will hold the party. Will it be a brunch, a luncheon, or an evening dinner? Once you know what time of day you are hosting the party, you can begin to think about the menu. Decide whether you will have the event catered at the venue (as many event venues have in-house catering) or if you plan to bring caterers into your home or other private space. If you choose to prepare the food yourself, have close friends and family members assist you with food preparation. If you have a theme for your anniversary party, you should also base your food selection on that theme. Additionally, consider any food allergies or dietary restrictions you or your guests may have. You can think of your anniversary party like a wedding party and offer your guests multiple dishes choices to choose from (for example, something vegetarian, something gluten-free, and so on). You can also place little party favors at each place setting, such as food gifts. Lastly, think about beverages. Will it be a dry party? Will you have an open bar staff come with the caterers? Will you have an intimate at-home gathering where everyone can bring a beverage to share? If you are serving alcohol, have plenty of non-alcoholic options, including water, coffee, tea, and soft drinks.

Pick a Theme and Decide on Decor

One of the great things about hosting a wedding anniversary party is that it can be anything you want it to be. It’s your party, after all! If you don’t want to have any particular theme and would rather have a laid-back gathering at home, by all means, do that! If you are having the party in the summer and want to spend time outdoors, host it in your own backyard, at an outdoor venue, or have it on private property and set up a party tent. Picking a theme, no matter how formal or informal, will help guide the party planning process and make your food and location decisions easier to establish. When you have a theme in mind, it will also influence your decor decisions. One simple, elegant way to decorate is to place beautiful floral centerpieces at each dining table. If you have a niche theme, you can decorate for said theme. Another great idea is having a table dedicated to the married couple that highlights all their beautiful pictures through the years.


What is a party without gifts? If you are attending the married couple’s party or helping them plan it, make their day with thoughtful gifts to commemorate the occasion. When you shop at Lands’ End, you can find a wide array of gifts for women and gifts for men, as well as personalized gifts that you can custom design with the married couple’s names and other special wording.

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