Plan Your Summer 2021 Style Capsule

Plan Your Summer 2021 Style Capsule

Capsule wardrobes are in, and there’s good reason for it. Capsule wardrobes are a minimalist take on clothing and closets that will usually save you time, stress, space, and money. Capsule wardrobes are small collections of clothes typically consisting of 20-30 pieces that rotate in and out of the closet by season. This lifestyle has become so popular as a way to minimize clutter, save money, and still look stylish every season. Made up of some versatile essentials and a couple of statement pieces, capsule closets are a no-fuss way of managing your look. If you are ready to update your summer 2021 style capsule, then look no further.

Color Palette Summer 2021

Summer colors are always light, uplifting, bright, and colorful. This summer, there are great colors to add to your summer 2021 style capsule. While in the winter months, our favorite go-to base color is typically black, be sure to lighten it up for the warmer months.

Choose a base color of dark blue or navy from which to build your outfits. This means opting for navy pants, basic shirts, and other base-level clothing items. Next, add neutral summer colors that go with just about anything. Choose lights and brights such as creams, beige, khaki, and white. Then, you want to select some accent colors that will give whatever you’re wearing a tasteful pop, such as something brighter with light blues, coral, olive, and marigold for a few statement pieces. Also, feel free to have a few printed or floral pieces to add a nice dimension to the rest of your wardrobe.

The Essentials

Capsule style is all about essentials, and we’ve got you covered. As an all-American heritage company with our roots in yachting supplies, we know the importance of good essentials that are both practical and stylish. Essentials are clothing items that are versatile, classic, and long-lasting. Good women’s jeans, dresses, skirts, tops, and shorts are all part of the essentials you need for your summer capsule. Rather than picking trendy pieces that seem cool this year but probably won’t make it into the next, opt for essential pieces that are classic, timeless, and high quality to ensure you get to enjoy them in 2021 and beyond.


When styling your summer capsule you will want to be sure you have some perfect summer tops. About half of your capsule wardrobe should consist of tops: tank tops, T-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, and button-ups. Select tops made of lightweight and breathable fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, linen, and rayon for optimal comfort in the summer months. Some trends we’re loving for this summer are bright-colored women’s blouses to bring some vibrance to your look.

Some classics we believe every woman should have in her summer capsule stylebook are linen T-shirts and cotton tank tops. Choose a women’s linen shirt in a neutral color such as navy, cream, or white for a signature look reminiscent of nautical glamour. Select cotton tank tops in basic colors such as navy, white, beige, and black for the perfect summer essentials you can wear with just about anything.


When choosing your summer 2021 style capsule bottoms, it’s important to keep in mind versatility, comfort, and practicality. Pieces to have in your closet are pants, jeans, shorts, and skirts. You only need one or two pieces of each, so choose pieces that are easy to style with anything else in your closet and are comfortable to wear all summer long; a pair of women’s shorts works great here.

If you’re not a jean short kinda gal, choose classier-looking khaki shorts or linen shorts. Opt for chino pants, khakis, or linen pants in a neutral base color. Navy pants are easy to wear almost anywhere. If you spend the summers somewhere hot, you probably only need one pair of jeans that are comfortable for wearing in the heat. Choose lighter-colored jeans or distressed denim for the perfect summer feel and look.

Skirts are one of our favorite pieces to wear this summer. For your summer capsule wardrobe choose a few skirts that are practical and comfortable. Depending on your personal style, you may pick shorter skirts, midi skirts, or long and flowy maxi-style skirts. Skirts make perfect basics while also working as statement pieces. Perhaps have one or two neutral skirts and one statement skirt with floral prints or bright colors for those perfect summer days.


For us, summer is all about dresses. Summer dresses are what we wait all year to wear, so your capsule closet should definitely have a few of these. If you plan to spend summer by the beach, then add a beach dress. If you’re staying in the city or working all summer, then go for a more sophisticated dress style. Like everything else summer-related, choose fabrics that are breathable and lightweight such as cotton, rayon, linen, and bamboo for the ultimate summer look and feel. Opt for a couple of neutrals that are easy to style and one or two statement pieces you can wear out and about.


While it’s hard to imagine layering in the hot summer months, having one or two-layer basics in your summer capsule closet is important for styling and dressing for cooler or wetter weather. Have a lightweight blazer, a cotton cardigan, or a denim jacket in your summer 2021 style capsule to always have something to throw on or style with the rest of your summer look.

Get ready for the summer by planning your summer 2021 style capsule to be sure you make the most of living easy and stylishly.

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