Plan the Perfect Virtual Baby Shower

Plan the Perfect Virtual Baby Shower

What a joyous time! Your friend or family member is welcoming a new baby into the world, and the mother-to-be wants you to help her run the show for her virtual baby shower. Whether she’s decided to host the shower virtually for health and safety reasons or because all her favorite people are far away, you’ll be ready to throw her a memorable virtual bash to get her ready for baby.

Virtual baby showers have their advantages. The foremost? You can all attend in your comfy pajama set if you want! If you’ve never planned a virtual baby shower before, there are a few extra things to keep in mind. Don’t worry, we’ve got some advice for planning and pulling off the perfect virtual baby shower.

Assist with the Registry

It may be helpful to make some suggestions for the registry, especially if you’ve welcomed your own little one into the world. You’ll likely know all of the things the parents-to-be need. For a virtual registry, it will be helpful to include items that can be purchased online and shipped directly to the home.

Make sure the parents-to-be don’t forget to think of themselves when building the registry. They could probably benefit from a few items that will make welcoming a baby into the world more comfortable, like storage bins for kids’ toys or even a comfy new set of bed sheets for their bed. When the baby does allow them some time to rest, they’ll appreciate those soft new sheets.

Put Together the Guest List

With the help of the expectant mom, build a guest list of close friends and family members who will help her prepare for this next stage of her journey. For a virtual shower, a small gathering is best. If mama has put together a lengthy list, you may want to suggest holding multiple sessions for the baby shower. That way, everyone gets a chance to participate in the events!

What About the Presents?

If you were hosting this baby shower in person, you would probably want to add opening presents to the schedule. Because your guests will be on video chat, we recommend skipping this party pastime. Instead, suggest that the parents open presents in advance and arrange a display of all the goodies. That way, they can call out people by name to say thank you without adding too much extra time to the shower.

Play Fun Games With the Guests

Games are normally a staple at in-person showers. Games can still work well during a virtual baby shower, so choose a few can be held in an online setting. You’ll want to consider the technology capabilities while planning the perfect games. Does your video platform allow attendees to answer polls? A pop quiz about the parents might be a fun add-on! Does it allow attendees to draw? Maybe you’ll try a baby-themed round of Pictionary. Whatever you choose, make sure everyone can participate.

Surprise and Delight the Guest of Honor

Even if you have a small budget, you can add special surprise touches similar to what you would have done if this event had been held in person. Here are some ideas:

What to Do the Day of the Virtual Baby Shower

Hooray, the special day is here! Don’t forget to check a few final to-dos off of your list to make sure you’re prepared to celebrate your favorite people bringing new life into the world.

Dress for the Occasion

You’re the host of the party, and you should dress for the occasion! You can opt for your Sunday best in a special occasion dress. Or you might dress more casually with a nice blouse and leggings. Guests will likely only see your top half on screen, after all!

If dressing up isn’t your style, then dress for comfort as you lead the day’s events from your computer screen. Go ahead and throw on some comfy sweats and let the virtual party begin!


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