8 Places to Tote Your Tote Bag This Summer

8 Places to Tote Your Tote Bag This Summer

With summer just around the corner, we’re getting excited about all the things we’ll do and the places we’ll go to fully enjoy the summer months. Camping trips, vacay, beach day, and strolls around town, summer is an exciting and busy time of the year! It’s also the time of year when our favorite day bag gets its most use. Tote bags are one of those super-cool and practical bags that fits just about everything and can go just about anywhere. Whether you dig cotton totes, canvas tote bags, or the woven tote bag, these are our favorite places to tote our tote bags this summer.

On a Picnic

One of the most classic and wonderful places to take your tote this summer is on a picnic. Put on your favorite cotton summer dress and sun hat and grab your tote! Fill up your tote bag with all the picnic essentials. Tote bags are awesome because of how much fits inside. Picnic blanket, water bottles, sunscreen, and all your snacks will fit perfectly into a good-sized tote bag. Canvas tote bags tend to be more sturdy, so if you’re planning on bringing along a big picnic, then opt for a sturdy and easy-to-carry tote bag. The carefree summer feel of canvas will also match perfectly with your gauzy summer cotton dress.

To the Beach

Another obvious place to tote your tote is to the beach. Whether you’re lucky enough to live near the coast or if you have some freshwater swimming spots around, a tote bag will be your best friend when heading to the beach. Tote bags make the perfect beach bag and are great at carrying all the towels, swimsuits, sunscreen, snacks, and anything else you may want to bring along to the beach. For a super beachy vibe, choose a woven grass tote bag to match the place itself. Tightly woven totes are also great at keeping the sand at bay! If you’re planning on spending a whole day at the beach, opt for an extra-large canvas tote bag to make sure you have everything you need.

To the Farmer’s Market

One of the best parts about summer is the plethora of farmers markets. Farmers markets aren’t just a great place to buy loads of local and fresh produce and products, but they are a fun and exciting outing. Put on your best flowy and summery outfit and grab your tote so you can walk around the farmers market and fit right into the down-to-earth chic vibe as you pick out some heirloom tomatoes and freshly picked peaches.

At the Pool

Grab your goggles ... it’s pool time! Just like the beach, tote bags make the perfect choice for heading over to the pool. Pack the beach towels, water wings, swimsuits, and sunscreen all into your tote bag for an easy transfer from the car to the pool. Easy to use and fashionable to carry around, tote bags have the perfect aesthetic and practical function that makes them a must-have while laying poolside.

To the Cafe

Plan a late morning trip to your favorite coffee shop to meet a friend, do some work, or catch up on your reading. The tote bag is the perfect summer bag that will suit almost any outfit and will take anything you need for your cup of coffee. Bring along your book, laptop, or journal. Stylish, simple, and flawless, the tote bag is the perfect companion to take with you to the cafe this summer.

To Work

Less complicated and more summery than your regular work backpack, a classic tote will do the trick during the summer months. Choose a neutral canvas tote that easily sits on your shoulder to carry your laptop, planner, phone, and anything else you may need to bring to and from the office.

On Vacation

If you’re planning a summer vacation, add a tote bag to your packing list! Lightweight, useful, and easy to carry, tote bags will be the answer. Need to run to the shop? Heading out shopping? A day of sightseeing? Off to the beach? The answer is always your tote bag! We promise you’ll never regret bringing your tote on holiday with you.

To the Wellness Retreat

Summertime is the perfect time to treat yourself to a much-deserved wellness retreat. Whether you’re going to a place near home or traveling to a retreat center on the other side of the country, a tote bag should be first on your to-pack list right after women’s yoga pants. Perfect for bringing from class to class, or meal to spa time, you can easily fit water bottles, clothes, keys, essential oils, or anything else you may need to make your wellness retreat stay even more relaxing. The added perk is that tote bags will blend in perfectly with your down-to-earth wellness retreat vibes.

Get ready for summer by planning all the places you’ll go! And don’t forget to bring the best summer go-to bag: the wonderful tote bag.


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