4 Places to Bring Your Kids’ Swim Shoes

4 Places to Bring Your Kids’ Swim Shoes

It’s summertime and your family is on the go. You need footwear that will get you and all your little ones out of the house in as little time as possible. What you need is versatility, ease, and comfort. While they might not be the first type of footwear on your mind, swim shoes are some of the most dynamic footwear that you can have in your kids’ closet. They’re comfortable, flexible, durable, and match with plenty of casual outfits beyond swimwear. Plus, swim shoes are breathable and made with breathable materials. Since they fit into many different scenarios, water shoes can be your solution for stress-free outings. Here are four places to bring your kids’ swim shoes for a fantastic day.

Muddy Parks

It would be nice if every day were sunny and dry, but rain happens—and so does mud. When you don’t want to get your child’s expensive sneakers wet, swim shoes can be the answer for you. Swim shoes dry faster than regular types of shoes, drain water more efficiently, and are easier to clean than standard footwear. Since they don’t trap water like standard shoes, they don’t stay heavy for hours or grow mold like typical shoes.

Since water shoes are made of lightweight materials, these shoes won’t feel heavy even when your kids are wading in mud. In fact, these shoes won’t fill up with water and have that “squish squash” sensation that feels uncomfortable for hours. Instead, water shoes can become the perfect rainy day play shoe when it’s warm outside and your kids don’t want to wear rain boots. Also, if they need a quick wash, they can be ready in just one washer/dryer rotation.

Wet Trails

A swim shoe’s ability to drain water well makes it an excellent hiking shoe for trails that can get slippery. They won’t be weighed down when wet, so your kids can stay light on their feet for a long hike. The durable rubber soles also grab onto tricky surfaces and provide protection against sharp and uneven terrain. Since the shoes stay drier, your kids are also less likely to get blisters on their soles compared to regular shoes.

Since water shoes are designed to be worn near the pool and river, they have outstanding traction that makes it easier to navigate rough hiking terrains like slippery rocks and wet inclines. This makes them good for any hiking season, whether it’s a hot day or a chilly one that requires a packable jacket in your backpack. To make sure you have enough water shoes to last for all your hiking adventures, be sure to have a few pairs on rotation so you can have a clean pair every time.

Rocky Beaches, Rivers, and Other Bodies of Water

Water shoes aren’t just good for wet places, they also have a tough rubber sole that is perfect for protecting little feet against rocks, shells, hot sand, broken glass, and other dangers that may be found near bodies of water. When you’re out in the wild, you don’t know what type of terrain you’ll encounter. Water shoes give you that peace of mind that your child’s feet are protected all day. After all, you have taken the time to invest in some protective UPF 50 kids rash guards to keep them from being burned, so you definitely want their feet protected too!

Making their water activity outfit complete with foot protection is the finishing touch that gives parents the confidence that their kids are well-protected. Take care to bring enough supplies to make the day fun and safe in a beach bag or backpack. For small children, taking a wagon and a sunshade is also essential to provide a place to rest and hide from the sun in the hottest parts of the day.

Amusement Parks

Many amusement parks have companion water parks or water rides distributed around the park map. This gives guests a place to cool down and a fun change of pace. For this reason, many park guests wear family swimwear as part of their outfit for a full day of fun. Swim shoes can also be useful because they dry quickly and protect your kids’ feet from the hot concrete at an outdoor water park.

Another excellent bonus that water shoes provide in this place is that you don’t have to take them off while going on a slide while guests with flip-flops and regular shoes must take them off. Keeping your water shoes on prevents the “shoe scramble” after returning from a big slide—or any misplaced belongings. By wearing an outfit that dries quickly from head to toe, your family can have an awesome time at an amusement park whether the conditions are wet or dry. These four places are more enjoyable when you give your kids fast-drying swim shoes with excellent traction.

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