8 Pieces That Belong in Every Man's Spring Wardrobe

8 Pieces That Belong in Every Man's Spring Wardrobe

Ah… spring! Warm weather, sunshine, and fun activities! Let’s look at some wardrobe pieces that you will want to have ready in your closet to keep you looking and feeling your best as the warm breezes come your way.

White T-Shirt

When it comes to wardrobe basics, you must include the white men’s T-shirt. Whether you pair it with shorts, jeans or wear it under a blazer, it will brighten your outfit and keep you comfy. Have you ever noticed how often celebrities on TV have either a white top or white-collar to their shirt? It’s not just because white is versatile; it also brings light toward your face which is becoming.

Make sure that you find a white T-shirt that fits you well. A smart tip is to always buy at least two white T-shirts once you find a favorite brand and size. Your T-shirt should look immaculate when you wear it. When you launder it, keep a close eye out for stains (including perspiration stains). Any stain that you can’t get out means it’s time to retire your white T-shirt to activities like yard work or painting. Then you can replace it with the extra one you bought at the beginning of the season.


A great pair of men’s jeans will take you far. From business casual meetings to a coffee date to dinner with friends, you can’t get better than jeans. You can dress them up or down and wear them almost anywhere that doesn’t have a specific dress code. If you only buy one pair of jeans, choose either a medium wash (probably the most versatile) or a dark wash (best for dressing up).


Chinos are a must for spring. Made from a lighter twill fabric than jeans, they will give you both weather and style options while looking classic. If you don’t already have a pair of khaki men’s chinos in your closet, this is always a good choice. Make sure to consider what shirts you are likely to wear. And don’t overlook the coloring of your skin and eyes. Sometimes a nice stone or grey can be a more flattering shade for chinos than khaki. When in doubt, try on some different choices and ask a friend for their input, too.


Every man needs a hoodie in his spring wardrobe. From those transitional days when it looks warm outside but there's a chill to working out to warm afternoons that turn into crisp evenings, a hoodie will be there for you. Keep one in your car and hang one in your entryway. You’ll be glad you did.

White Sneakers

No matter what other athletic shoes you have in your wardrobe, make sure to include a fresh pair of white sneakers. They will go with anything from shorts to chinos to jeans and add a light touch to your outfit for warm weather. For an instant outfit, pair your white T-shirt with jeans and white sneakers. Especially if your other sneakers are looking a little “lived in," treat yourself to a fresh pair of white kicks for the new season.

Button-down Shirt

A men’s button-down shirt is a great choice for those slightly dressier or more conservative spring occasions. The classic styling will dress up your pants while still looking great without a tie. White or a nice blue are always good choices, but especially for spring, you could go for a more fun color without looking over the top. If you only buy one, make it long-sleeved so it will be more versatile, but don’t overlook how stylish and comfy a short-sleeved button-down shirt can be—especially as spring eases into summer.


A men’s blazer that will dress up those jeans is a wardrobe staple. The right blazer can take you from an afternoon at the office to a stylish dinner at that new restaurant in a jiff. Make sure to include a men’s belt that matches your shoes for a polished look. Tweed is a nice choice for a casual blazer and will offset the color of your pants.


Don’t forget the sunglasses! Not only are they a good idea, but they look great, too! The right pair of sunglasses can add that extra sizzle to your outfit. When shopping, go for a neutral color for the frames and try on different pairs to see what shape of the lens is most flattering to your face. Aviator glasses are cool, but contrary to popular belief, they don’t look good on everyone. Play with different shapes and colors to find the pair that is just right for you. Go for quality and then take care of them well and you can wear them for years. Make sure to get a good glasses case to go with them, too. A hard case can make all the difference in the life of your sunglasses.

When it comes to your spring wardrobe, start with the basics, and wear what makes you look and feel great.


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