7 Pieces Every Man Should Have in His Athleticwear Collection

7 Pieces Every Man Should Have in His Athleticwear Collection

Athleticwear—whether you wear it for working out, going out, or hanging out — it’s one of the most important components of a man’s wardrobe. Let’s look at the basics that every man needs in his athleticwear collection.


Men’s T-shirts that fit well are the cornerstone of most men’s athleticwear collections. 100% cotton is a classic for a reason—it's breathable, which means it's oh-so-comfortable. Consider the activities you love when you think about fabric content. Cotton is great, but if yours is a sweaty workout, consider a fabric that will wick moisture away. Higher-tech fabrics for athleticwear are especially popular with runners for this reason.

Tank Top

Every guy needs a tank top or two. If you ever work out (or hang out) in hot weather, it’s nice to have the option of a tank top. This is also the ultimate layering piece. For a little extra warmth, add one under almost any casual shirt, and you're better prepared for the elements. A white tank under a flannel shirt is a nice look with jeans, too.


Whether you’re wearing them at the gym, doing yard work in them, or hanging out with friends, you will want at least one good pair of men’s athletic shorts. When shopping for shorts, black and grey are always good options, especially if you like a little color in your workout tops. Try them on and do a few exercises to ensure comfort before you buy. You will want your athletic shorts to skim your body, not be either too tight or too loose. The exception to this would be sweat shorts. Although these need to fit well in the waist, they are cut a bit wider through the leg—more like walking shorts.


A great pair of workout pants is key whether you work out in them, wear them over your shorts when you're going to or from the gym, or want something even more comfortable than jeans for weekend wear. Make sure that they fit well from the waist to the hem to keep you comfortable. If you're likely to go jogging in them or just want to be out and about, make sure to note if they have pockets and what type. Being able to carry your keys securely during a run is important.


Add a matching men’s athletic jacket to those joggers for an instant casual outfit. If you like to work out in a tank top, it will give you a little more “coverage” when you're going to or from the gym and will keep you comfortable from the chill if you like walking, jogging, or hiking. Black, navy, or grey are great options for joggers and jackets. A sleek-looking color combination is black and red—it has more of a kick to it than a simple neutral but will still go with almost everything.

Form should follow function when it comes to athletic jackets. Will it protect you from the wind? Is it water repellent? Does it come with a hood and pockets for stashing your stuff? If you like to walk or run after dark, does it include any reflective fabric to keep you more visible? There are tons of options. Pick the ones that are important to you.


Every guy needs men’s fleece. A fleece jacket is great for almost any outdoor activity that requires just a bit more insulation. Easy to stash in a gym bag, a backpack, or your car, a fleece jacket will keep you comfy in everything except the hottest temps. From walking to hiking to camping to all of those great spectator sports, fleece will be there for you. Of course, Lands’ End has you covered if you need big and tall fleece jackets, too.


Whatever your sport, make sure that you have the right shoes. Athletic shoes have evolved into high-tech masterpieces designed to keep your feet safe and comfortable for specific activities. If you're more sporty than a devotee of a specific sport, a good pair of running shoes is always a nice option. They will work as well for wearing with jeans and running errands as they will for working out.

If you like the idea of wearing your sneakers with jeans or chinos, keep color in mind, too. White athletic shoes will work with almost all casual pants. If you're a sneakerhead (or aspire to be one), check out the new colorways that are available this season. Men’s athletic shoes have evolved not just in how they support your feet, but in how great they make you look.

When it comes to men’s athleticwear, start with the basics and stay comfy!


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