Picture-Perfect Matching Family Pajamas

We all know a family who manages to pose perfectly in matching family pajamas for their holiday Christmas card or social media each year. And maybe you are that family. Kudos to you! For everyone else who wants to swap Christmas pajamas this year, here's your guide to not only choosing the right pattern and styles for everyone in your Christmas crew but also learn the best way to gift matching family pajamas. You'll also find tips on how to set up that perfect photo backdrop once everyone's dressed and fully in the seasonal spirit.

First things first: be prepared with a list of everyone who will be attending your holiday festivities, as leaving anyone out is sure to leave a sour taste. Whether you have friends or family visiting, and whether they are bringing guests, be sure to include everyone in your posse for the ultimate bonding experience. Better yet, if you do have a new guest visiting, like maybe one of your children's friends from college or a new girlfriend or boyfriend traveling along, a set of pajamas makes for an easy gift that has maximum impact and will instantly make everyone feel at home.

With your matching family Christmas pajamas shopping list in tow, it's time to prepare for the ultimate photoshoot for some major holiday envy.

Choosing Matching Family Pajamas Everyone Will Love

When choosing matching family pajamas for the whole family, it's important to know exactly who you are shopping for, from kids to adults, so be sure to have your list readily available. With a wide array of matching pajamas in various patterns, from highly festive and seasonal to acceptable year-round, you can choose a style that suits your crew. Whether you choose an easygoing flannel plaid pattern or a Christmas tree-adorned pattern, the most important thing to remember for the full effect is that everyone has to match. Choose one pattern for the whole family.

Once you've decided on the perfect pattern, you can get creative with styles. Matching family pajamas come in a variety of cuts, from long sleeve print flannel nightshirts and women's pajamas to men's flannel boxers and pajamas for boys. With options for the whole family, there's no reason everyone on your list can't be a part of the fun. You can also go one step further when gift-giving and personalize your pajama sets with a monogram of embroidered names, so that everyone in your party feels even more special.

How to Gift Family Christmas Pajamas This Year

Gifting family Christmas pajamas requires the perfect timing. In an ideal world, the ultimate way to give these as a gift is to have everyone open their pajamas at the same time so that no one else gives away the secret. This way, your gift has the maximum impact and everyone will share a giggle. One idea for how to properly accomplish the gifting of family Christmas pajamas this holiday season is to invite everyone to your house for Christmas Eve to open these presents early. This works especially well if everyone is staying at your house. They can wear their Christmas pajamas at night and then wake up extra festive on Christmas morning. The other option is to give everyone their gift on Christmas morning when everyone is together and have them change into their holiday jammies shortly after opening for the perfect photo op.

Setting Up the Perfect Matching Family Pajamas Photo

Now that everyone has changed into their matching Christmas pajamas, it's time to get the whole family in place for the ultimate holiday photo op. Over the holidays, there are so many beautiful backdrops located nearby, especially in your own home. For the best photos, look for a place where the lighting illuminates every member of your party, like by a window or under a large light. This way, everyone has that holiday glow. The perfect place can be in front of a Christmas tree or a decorated mantel with stockings hanging behind. When setting guests up for the photo, have the tallest people sit in the back and the shortest people or children kneel in front, creating a dimensional image. Remember, it's the holidays, and you don't need to be serious! Take some candid images of people enjoying the moment with big smiles and happy hearts!

Now that you have all of the tools you need to gift matching family pajamas and to take the perfect snapshot of the memory, you're all set for this holiday season!

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