4 Petite Swimsuit Styles That Help You Look Taller

4 Petite Swimsuit Styles That Help You Look Taller

If you’re petite, you know the occasional struggle involved in finding the perfect garment. Sometimes it’s the right pair of dress pants. Other times it’s the jeans everyone loves. And then at other moments—like when you’re gearing up for a lovely summer’s worth of visits to the pool or planning for an epic warm-weather vacation—it’s a swimsuit that adds a few inches to your frame.

On those occasions, you’re already daydreaming about how the right swimsuit will accompany you on all of your adventures. You envision yourself lazing by the pool while the kids splash around in the water, having a great time while you soak up the sunshine—all while slathered in broad-spectrum sunscreen, of course. You imagine reawakening your diving skills after months of dormancy. You prepare to splash around in the saltwater, kicking up your heels and relishing the luxurious feeling of the sand beneath your feet.

All good things—but are you ready for the season, really? The best choices, whether you opt for a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini, are those that help you look and feel your best. When you’re confident, you naturally carry yourself with authority. If you’re petite and seeking a suit that helps you look a little bit taller, here are some options.

High-Cut Legs

If there’s one trick a petite person seeking the right swimsuit should remember, it’s that you want to elongate the legs to appear taller visually. High-cut legs on a one-piece bathing suit are ideal for achieving that look. The continuity of the swimsuit extending from top to bottom is key, as there are no distracting interruptions to pull the eye upward. The idea is to focus below, where the higher-cut leg lends your legs a longer appearance.

Look for other details that contribute to your suit’s visual trickery, too. Sleek spaghetti straps and even one-shoulder straps are also effective in helping you achieve this look. If you prefer a suit that offers more coverage, try a modest swimsuit with a higher neckline. The idea is to stretch out your torso, so the presence of more fabric from your bust to your hip will accomplish that easily.

High-Waisted Bottoms

Anything with a high waist is a petite person’s best friend. From a visual perspective, they’re especially flattering on those who have curvier lower bodies. The additional fabric negotiates your body’s silhouette beautifully, lending your poolside or beachside look a flattering finish. The style channels some of the retro favorites of the 1950s and ’60s, when they were made popular by beloved petite film heroines.

The reason the higher waist works is largely because it creates a new, higher waist that sits above your natural waist. That little visual trick is just enough to make your legs look longer. Try pairing it with a petite swimsuit top in a halter cut for a stylish look that continues the old-school appreciation theme. You’ll love the way it throws back to yesteryear yet feels thoroughly modern thanks to its flattering cut.

Bikini Tops

The classic bikini top is an enduring favorite for a reason. It’s highly flattering on a variety of body types and sizes. If you’re on the shorter side, you can easily make it work for you by selecting one with a deeper V-neckline, which draws the eye upward and helps to elongate your torso, which tricks the eye into seeing something taller.

But don’t think you need to reveal more skin than you’re comfortable with to rock this look. Women’s bikini tops are available in a wide range of styles perfect for helping you achieve the style that helps you feel your best when you’re in the water or lounging by the pool. A simple demi style with a twist front not only looks chic but also serves as a flattering choice for petite frames when paired with the aforementioned high-waist bottom.

Low-Rise Bottoms

Both high-waisted bottoms and low-rise bottoms can be integral parts of your petite swimwear wardrobe. That’s part of the beauty of being petite! There are many different options available to you, many of which have the potential to expand your swimsuit wardrobe exponentially. Who knew you could rock so many different styles?

The low-rise is favored for its innate ability to make your torso appear longer. That bit of additional space between your top and the starting point of your bottoms is all that’s necessary to create the visual magic you want. And this style gets bonus points for looking especially appropriate with nearly any type of top, be it a tankini or a halter.

No matter what type of petite swimsuit you seek, odds are you’ll find just the right style to meet your needs—one that’s not just only fashionable but also that flatters your unique body type while adding a few magic inches to your frame.


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