Personalized Dog Gifts

Personalized Dog Gifts

There are few things as fun as personalized dog gifts! Whether you're making sure they're safe with ID tags and a collar or simply want to pamper them with the softest dog bed and best toys, Lands’ End has your back. Let’s look at how to take personalized dog gifts to the next level.

Name Tags, Collars, and Leashes… Oh My!

When it comes to pet supplies, you can trust the quality of Lands’ End. Your dog’s ID tag, collar, and leash are among the most important items you will buy. Even if your buddy is microchipped and you're careful, it's still a good idea to use dog tags. Make sure to have your contact information on one side — your name and phone number are the most important. On the other, consider your furry buddy’s name, a note like “If I am out, I am lost” or something cute like “My dog mom misses me.”

In addition to putting your dog's name and fun phrases on their collar, make sure to check the construction and design of any collar or leash that you consider buying. Ask your vet for suggestions on checking the quality and safety of these items. Does it buckle or latch securely? Is there any chance of getting caught up in it in a way that could be dangerous (for both you and your dog)? If your furry friend's a leash puller, make sure your equipment won't restrict their airways.

Warm Dog Coats

If you live in a cold climate or have a small dog with ancestors from warm climates, make sure to keep your buddy cozy with a dog coat. A fleece dog jacket can be a great option for both warmth and style (you could even match!). Dog raincoats and puffer vests are fun and functional options too.

If you will be taking your dog hiking, camping, or on vacations to different climates, make sure to think about how your furry buddy will adapt to the new weather. Even if you make quick trips outdoors only when necessary at home, you may both need warmer coats to wear on an adventure.

Best Pet Bowls and Mats

Dogs may be our best friends, but they can be messy! Help to keep their world running right and your home tidy with cute pet bowls and mats. Placing a pet mat underneath their bowls will save you time and keep their feeding area looking great. Consider personalizing their pet station with paw designs, their names, or fun sayings like “Bad to the Bone”, “Princess”, or “Woof”. If yours is a mixed household with both canines and felines, in addition to giving them their own feeding spaces, have fun with this in how you personalize items, like “Just blame it on the dog”. Personalized welcome mats can be fun and functional on the front porch, just inside the front door, or in the mud room.

Coziest Pet Beds

You’ll want your furry buddy to have a cozy dog bed too. The right dog bed will not only give your buddy a warm and soft spot to take a nap, but it can also be a part of the décor in your living room, family room, bedroom, or home office. When choosing a dog bed, start with size. If you have a puppy, you may need a puppy bed and then upgrade to a dog bed. Just make sure that your furry friend will be comfy.

Consider materials, color, and personalization when choosing a dog bed. The right bed will be a conversation piece and inspire your friends who are also pet parents to get fun beds for their dogs as well. Also, keep cleaning in mind. A dog bed (like the rest of your home) should be easy to clean. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best results.

Tasty Treats, Toys, and Gifts

If your dog is a bit spoiled, that’s a good thing! They bring so much warmth and love into our lives that they deserve the best of everything. Whether you are buying them a flannel sleep shirt, their favorite toy, or a dog Christmas bandana, have fun giving to your furry friend.

You may choose to designate a spot in your kitchen for a dog treat jar. In addition to treats that you buy at your favorite pet store or have delivered online, if you are a baker, consider a doggie DIY project. Find a recipe for dog treats online and use doggie cookie cutters to create fun treats for your furry friend. Just be sure that all ingredients are safe for your pet.

Have fun personalizing your dog gifts!


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