Personalize a Gift This Father’s Day

Personalize a Gift This Father’s Day

How do you make a Father’s Day gift like a shirt or a pair of slippers feel a bit more personalized for Dad? The best answer: monograms and embroidery. Gift-giving has become nothing more than a few clicks and clacks on the keyboard. Fast forward a few days and there’s the gift waiting at the doorstep. Yet when you’re shopping for a special occasion, this can feel less “from you” than it should. How can we fix this and give gifts that never suffer from the lack of a personal touch? Simple, add a monogram. Just pick out a shirt that you know Dad’s going to love and figure out how to commemorate the day. Below are some ideas you can use to make anything from a polo shirt to cozy slippers more meaningful for Dad.

Can a Hobby Inspire Embroidery?

Dad has no shortage of hobbies he likes to enjoy throughout the year. In true dad-style, he loves cars, golf, hiking, photography, birding, and the list goes on... Why not choose the best embroidery icon for Dad’s favorite hobby and add it to his gift? Would he benefit from a handy tote to organize the things he keeps in his car? How about a slick new waterproof jacket? If he likes to wear a jacket out on the boat, why not embroider a boat on it? He won’t confuse his boat jacket with some regular old jacket ever again.

Do Dates Make Good Monograms?

Oh, yes. Go ahead and monogram your birthday on Dad’s slippers! If you’re worried that your siblings might get annoyed, they will just have to come up with a fun way to remind Dad of their special day. Of course, there are other dates Dad fondly remembers. Consider monogramming his wedding anniversary, the day he moved into the house—you could even get his expected retirement year monogrammed. For Father’s Day, commemorating the special days you know Dad remembers most fondly is always a great way to put the best foot forward.

Can Initials be Used as Monograms?

Dads seem to enjoy writing their initials on things. Maybe it’s their way of teaching us what we value and what we don’t want to see vanish on Jennifer’s last day at work. Over time we amass an entire personality based on what property we stamp our initials on. To make a long point much shorter, when you monogram Dad’s initials into a good-looking and comfy shirt, it’s not to remind him that this is his shirt (though it will help)—the monogram is a testament to his personality. It’s a proud Dad stamp for a shirt he’ll love to get on Father’s Day.

What’s the Best Way to Commemorate Dad’s Accomplishments?

Dad’s accomplished quite a bit in his life. Think of everything he did before you knew what accomplishments were: his varsity years, graduating from high school and college, starting a family, getting that first promotion, starting a company, even winning the kickball tournament last fall is kind of major. Dad’s achievements, both big or small, can be commemorated with a fun embroidery or monogram to create a personalized gift for Dad this Father’s Day.

Are Monogramming and Embroidering the Best Way to Personalize Any Gift?

Yes, and yes. Father’s Day is no exception. Dad always encourages you to give your all. Father’s Day is another moment to do just that. When in doubt do both the monogram and embroidery! Is there another Dad out there with his initials and that skateboarding corgi embroidery on his favorite sweatshirt? The chances are slim. However, if there is another Dad out there just like yours, you’re kind of hoping that these two unique polo shirt donning Dads meet each other because they’d surely become fast friends. So, get creative, get crafty, and most importantly make Dad proud!

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