How to Plan a Perfect Weekend - Without Ever Leaving the House

How to Plan a Perfect Weekend — Without Ever Leaving the House

Stuck at home for the weekend? No problem! There are plenty of fun-filled ways to stay entertained at home. From stay-in date nights to a kid-friendly pool party, there are lots of ways to enjoy summer right from your backyard.

Plan a Date Night

Can’t get out? Plan the perfect date night in. Order takeout from your favorite romantic restaurant or opt to cook up a delicious meal together. Put on one of your favorite dresses for women and do your hair and makeup for a sultry look that’s guaranteed to turn heads. You don’t need to go out to get fancy. Set the mood with candles and nice music, or take your dining outside on a patio or backyard. Pick a romantic activity such as giving each other massages and pedicures or renting a flick and spending the evening curled up on the couch. If you’re an active couple, go for a romantic sunset bike ride to a nearby park. Pack a picnic and enjoy a romantic evening outdoors as you watch the stars come out. You don’t need to go far for a sultry evening of entertainment for just the two of you.

Home Theatre Evening

Have a movie night with the whole family! Choose your favorite family flick and get into it. Plan a themed dinner or have your family dress up as their favorite character. You can even roll out the “red carpet” with some red bath towels and set the stage. Have your whole family show off their outfit, dish, or themed treat for your at-home movie night. Take photos, throw it on TikTok, and make it fun for the whole family. Spend the evening cuddled up with your favorite flick and enjoy a relaxing night in with your whole family.

Put on a Fashion Show

Get silly with your family and plan an at-home evening on the runway. Get dressed in your favorite costumes or choose a theme for the whole family to enjoy. Spend the evening doing your hair and makeup for an ultra-special event. Don’t forget to write a description of your outfit and have someone announce your name as you strut down the runway. Make the evening silly and fun with your kids. Have them dress however they want. Use a hallway as a runway and blast the music. Complete the evening with a fun-filled dance party to all of your family’s favorite tunes.

Have a Backyard Campout

Can’t get out to camp. Plan a backyard campout instead! Use your camp stove to make delicious s’mores and string lights outside for a campfire. Keep your kids cozy by pitching a tent in the backyard. Pull out your children’s personalized sleeping bags and let them camp out under the stars. Have them invite a couple of friends over for their sleepover, or join them for a family-filled evening under the stars. Since you’re right at home, you can bring along a range of luxuries like their favorite pillow, cozy PJs, and more.

Get Together with Friends

If you can’t leave home, invite your family friends over for a small get together. Plan a quick-and-easy party complete with music, drinks, and food. Potlucks are a great way to invite a few friends over but not have to slave in the kitchen for hours. Everyone brings a dish or an item to grill and you all get to feast on each other’s food. This is an easy way to host a small get together right at home. Bring out lawn games, toys, and more for both adults and kids. You can even go for a group bike ride to a nearby park or point of interest. Either way, plan a relaxing get together with friends and family to celebrate the summer season.

Make a Splash

Get together as a family or with a few select friends and host a day of water fun. If you have a pool, this is easy, simply pack up your favorite beach towels, put up the umbrella, throw on some music, and get ready to make a splash. Use pool toys and floaties for the kids, while the adults relax with a cool drink by the pool.

No pool? No problem! Use sprinklers, squirt guns, slip in slides, water balloons, and more to create a water world your kiddos will love. A water-themed weekend is a great way to spend time at home and cool off in the summer heat. If you don’t have a pool, get creative with buckets, kiddie pools, and other water toys they’ll go ga-ga for.

You can have the perfect weekend at home with several different entertaining ways to spend your time. Simply think outside the box and plan a fun-filled weekend at home. Camp in your backyard, invite over a small group of friends, or have a silly evening playing dress-up with your family with these exciting ways to stay entertained at home.

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