4 Perfect Outfits for Your Family Reunion This Summer

4 Perfect Outfits for Your Family Reunion This Summer

While there’s no rule stating that you can’t get the whole family together any time of year, it seems that summer is the unofficial season for family reunions. It does make sense if you think about it?—younger kiddos are on school break, the big kids are home from college for the summer (you might not want to call them “big kids” their faces, though, unless you are prepared for a little teen drama), and many of us adults have more flexible work schedules during the summer months. Plus, having the option to do outdoorsy activities is a huge perk for family get-togethers since that family energy can easily get a bit, shall we say, energetic if you’re all cramped up inside. All jokes aside, making meaningful memories with family near and far is just that much better on a sunny day or with the glistening shoreline as your backdrop.

Once the schedules are coordinated, the plans are set, and everything is booked and ready to go, all that’s left is to choose the right outfit to wear or the best clothes to pack to make sure you arrive looking and feeling your best. Read on for some family reunion looks that are perfect for your summer gathering.

For a Weekend at the Shore

There’s nothing quite like a beachy getaway during the warm summer months, so it’s no surprise that many families choose to book a beach house or head to the shore for their reunion. If this is on the docket (sorry, we couldn’t help the dad joke there!) for you this summer, you’ll want to be sure to pack outfits that are stylish yet comfortable and that are a good balance of breezy and modest.

One outfit you’ll want to wear again and again during a family reunion at the shore is a pair of comfy linen or lightweight jean shorts paired with a flowy white or subtle print blouse.

Opt for shorts that fall mid-thigh rather than your shortest pair, and complete this look with a perfectly dramatic wide-brimmed beach hat and some cute strappy sandals. Don’t forget to bring along a modest one-piece swimsuit and a beach-cover up or lightweight jersey cotton dress you can throw on over your swimwear between water activities.

For a Backyard BBQ

Of course, many families prefer to choose a day to get together rather than booking a full weekend away, which is where the backyard BBQ comes in. A backyard BBQ is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your family’s company while also soaking up the summer sun and, perhaps most importantly (okay, second most important to the whole family part), chowing down on some delicious seasonal food.

The best outfit for a reunion at a family member’s BBQ will be summery and stylish yet comfy enough for participating in any outdoor games, like cornhole or capture the flag. And while you also want to look your best, keep in mind that this is still a fairly casual gathering, so go with a slightly elevated spin on an otherwise low-key look.

Rock a pair of trendy wide-leg capri pants with a flexible elastic waist and a flattering yet relaxed fit. Pair these bottoms with an airy short-sleeved tunic top, either with a cute and casual scoop neck or an effortlessly elegant square neck. Complete this outfit with your comfiest going-out sneakers, and voila! You’ll be both photo-ready and flag-capturing-ready in no time.

For a Weekend at the Cabin

For many of us, the mountains are always calling, and a weekend at the family cabin or a dreamy cottagecore rental makes for the perfect venue for a family reunion. If your family is gathering for a rustic getaway this summer, you’ll want to be sure to pack a mix of cozy indoor looks and cute outdoorsy outfits.

A maxi dress for women is a must-have for homecooked family dinners around the big oak table or on the cabin’s wooden deck. Maxi dresses are like magic?—they give others the impression of a ton of effort while actually requiring next to no effort at all to pack, style, and wear. Pair your maxi dress with a lightweight yet cabin-cozy cardigan, and you’ll be set for the entire weekend.

For a Nice Venue

It’s very common for families to book nice venues or event spaces for their reunions, so perhaps this is what’s on the agenda for you and yours this summer. Booking a venue can be the perfect choice if it’s too challenging to coordinate an entire weekend with everyone’s different schedules or if no one has the perfect house for hosting everyone. As an added bonus, heading to a family reunion in your finest dressy ‘fit is certainly a flex we can get behind (of course, it’s not a competition, but Aunt Sharon sure has been looking extra stylish lately).

Take this an opportunity to bust out your most flattering fit and flare dress, ideally one in a lightweight, stretchy fabric and a summer floral print. Pair this dress with a statement necklace, some nice wedges, or strappy sandals, and be sure to bring along a classic button-front cardigan in case the event space is overly air-conditioned.

Of course, no matter what you have lined up for your reunion this year, you can rest assured that you’ll likely have to throw on a novelty matching t-shirt over whatever you’re wearing for the group photo, anyway. It never hurts to look and feel your best throughout the event, though, so we hope the outfit ideas above have got you covered.


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