Perfect Outfits for Snow Sledding

Perfect Outfits for Snow Sledding

Is there anything better than sledding on a white wintery day? Sledding is great fun for all ages, and staying warm and dry while you do it is key. Here are some tips to keep the little ones (and you!) cozy while you kick up the snow and slide down the hills.

Begin from the Inside Out

We all know that staying warm in the winter is a matter of layering, but snow sledding takes this important task to a whole new level. The snow is certainly beautiful, especially when it glistens in the daylight. But the winter sun can sometimes be deceiving, so you’ll need to consider the actual temperature and the wind chill. A thermal layer can be a great way to start. This will keep your little ones cozy and provide breathable fabric to help trap warmth next to their skin.

Next up, make sure they have long, warm pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and long, thermal socks that go up to at least mid-calf. Don’t let your little one put on their favorite shorty cartoon socks! They will need long socks that will come up underneath their pant legs for insulation. On the bottom, fleece sweatpants are always a nice choice, but jeans can be just as good. Top off the outfit with a long-sleeved Henley or sweater.

Snow Pants or Bibs

Keep your kids warm and dry with snow pants or bibs. Snow bibs have the advantage of coming up further (like overalls) for added warmth; shoulder straps adjust for a perfect fit. If you opt for snow pants, make sure the length is a touch longer than everyday pants if you want them to last all season for growing kids. If your snow sledding is just for vacation, you can go with an exact fit unless you want to hang on to them for another year. Match the fabric of their snow pants to the fabric of their coat for a cute look (which is great for pictures).

A Waterproof Winter Coat

A water-resistant (or ideally waterproof) kid’s winter coat is next. Kids don’t just sit politely on snow sleds, nor should they! Your little one will roll around in the snow and get covered from head to toe. That’s half the fun! A lightweight down coat with waterproofing on the shell is ideal. Check out our Squall jackets and snow pants. They are literally made for this stuff, and they will keep them warm and dry through it all.

Snow Boots are Essential

Keep those toes warm and cozy with waterproof kid’s winter boots. The most important features of snow boots are fit and waterproofing. Lands’ End girls' winter boots and boys' winter boots provide the warmth and comfort they deserve. Snow boots should go up high enough to handle most snow, while warm socks help them stay cozy and keep the boot from slipping off. The traction that snow boots have will also be essential as your little ones climb hills, position themselves on the sled, and jump around in the winter wonderland.

Hats and Mittens

Don’t forget hats and mittens! Keep those fingers and ears warm and cozy. A hat that is soft and can be worn underneath the hood of their coat is ideal for insulation. And remember that mittens are warmer than gloves. Having the four fingers together captures body heat more effectively (and can make forming snowballs easier, too!)

The same rules apply to comfortable snow sledding for you, too. It’s easy to remember to dress the little ones in head-to-toe warmth and then just throw on whatever is handy for yourself. Make sure to take good care of yourself and make that sledding more fun, whether you're just watching and taking pics or getting in there yourself and whooshing down the hill with them. At a minimum, wear a waterproof down jacket and make sure to have a good pair of women’s winter boots , a hat, and gloves or mittens.

And for the guys, Lands’ End makes great sledding gear, too. Many men are big kids at heart which is part of why we love them. Encourage your guy to be ready for a full sledding session by staying warm from head to toe. Part of a men's proper winter outdoor outfit includes men’s winter boots and a waterproof down coat (both of which can even be used for more adult pursuits like winter hiking, skiing, or just getting around comfortably in those frozen temps).

After all of that sledding, have some towels handy as you all pile back into the house and hang up the wet snow gear. And don’t forget the hot cocoa afterward, either. That’s one of the best parts!


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