Perfect Corduroys to Style Any Outfit

Perfect Corduroys to Style Any Outfit

Corduroy became popular in the 1970s and has kept a solid fan base over the years. It’s not hard to see why, either. The velvety cord channels that run vertically between its tufts have been keeping people warm for generations, long before they became mainstream. Today, corduroy is available in modern fabric blends that allow for more vibrant colors and free movement. Long story short, this isn’t the corduroy you'll see in the vintage racks downtown.

These new modern fabric blends retain the best qualities of traditional corduroy while expanding on its functionality and appearance. Here are the perfect corduroys that should grace your fall and winter ensembles.

Corduroy Pants That are Made for Fit and Function

When you don’t want to wear wool or twill, corduroy is a dressy alternative to jeans. Also, the world of men’s corduroy pants has expanded since stretch and extra softness has been added to the weave. Now you can enjoy pants that both look and feel good since they don’t come with that super new, rigid feel. Our men’s corduroy pants are broken in with an enzyme wash so they’re pre-softened -- just as if you wore them in yourself. Look for a pair of corduroy pants that are tailored to fit you. Whether it’s a relaxed or straight leg, you can wear this ridged velvety material practically anywhere.

Corduroy Shirts for Men who Brave the Cold

A men's corduroy shirt is the classic campfire top, and a holiday gathering piece that evokes comfort, warmth, and happiness. While corduroy shirts weren’t known to stretch in the past, these men’s shirts have a small amount of spandex in them. What was once a good winter shirt has become a great winter shirt that you’ll never want to take off. These shirts also have a button-down design, so they can be worn alone or over another shirt. Need warmer material? Get a corduroy shirt with an anti-pill Sherpa fleece lining. You’ll have corduroy on the outside, and a layer inside that’s as warm as wool. In the early fall, this even works as a jacket over a long sleeve shirt or light sweater.

Corduroy Pants for Women on the Go

Enjoy both the texture of corduroy and your favorite styles of pants when you incorporate a few key bottoms into your wardrobe. As you explore the variety of corduroy pants available, you’ll find everything from skinny to wide-leg styles. Boot cut corduroys are a modern spin on the traditional boot cut – they offer a narrower cut around the ankle that isn’t too wide. Flattering all the way, this is one of your fall and winter wardrobe staples. The slight flare at the hem makes a more even silhouette compared to a skinny jean. Straight leg corduroys for women also have a bit of spandex for stretch. Also, the material for all styles of women's corduroy pants has been under constant improvement for a better pre-shrunk fit, softer material, and finer wale. Wear these as a versatile alternative to denim or dress pants. Perfect for work or play, they can easily match a basic t-shirt, or be dressed up with a blouse and blazer.

Corduroy that Feels Like Pajamas

If you think these choices already put corduroy in the realm of comfort wear, think again! Sport knit corduroy raises the ante with a unique blend of materials that provide even more freedom of movement and softness. Feel the difference with these corduroy-inspired modern classics.

Looking for a comfortable pair of pants to go with your fair isle print sweater? Try a wide-leg sport knit corduroy with a stretchy cotton blend and elastic waistband. You may just think you’re wearing pajamas! You can also find corduroy leggings in this same material so you can enjoy its comfort and warmth in the form of a legging. Consider this the perfect marriage between the material you love and the fits that make you feel like you never left home.

Corduroy can be Dressy

When you think about getting dressed up, you might not think of corduroy first. However, corduroy can be dressy. The secret is that it depends on the shirt you’re wearing if you’re sporting corduroy pants. If you’re wearing a t-shirt, you probably won’t look dressed up. However, if you’re wearing a dress shirt that matches the pants well, it’ll look clean and classic. For a more dressy look, make sure that your pants are the perfect fit. Ill-fitting pants don’t lend themselves to a dressy look.

There are also corduroy dresses, that can look dressy when paired with the right shoes, shirt (underneath), purse, and maybe a fancy purse. Most clothing items can be made to look dressy when they are paired with the right accessories! It’s just important to know your audience, and where you’ll be wearing the outfit, to know if it’s appropriate or not.

Does Corduroy Stretch?

If you’re new to Corduroy, you might expect it to stretch like denim. The truth is that corduroy does not stretch like denim. It’s very important to make sure your corduroy pants are fitted perfectly when you buy them. The fit just isn’t as forgiving. So, make sure they aren’t way too tight, that could be uncomfortable. If they’re too loose, they’ll look bad. So, make sure you try them and love the fit before you buy them.

Try these essential corduroy items next time you go out ... and see for yourself why they have such a faithful fan base.


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