The Perfect Bookbags For Which Your Kids Will Thank You

The Perfect Book Bags For Which Your Kids Will Thank You

Parents often struggle with buying book bags for kids that not only look cool but also have features that make the backpack safe and functional. After all, your child might insist on the only requirement being a backpack that sports their favorite character. But that same backpack might be flimsy and fit awkwardly. As such, it is your job as a parent to step in and convince them otherwise. Good luck! You’ll need to show them some evidence if you want to take their minds off of a bag featuring their chosen superhero and onto something more functional. Here are some book bags that will not only make you happy but that your kids will thank you for as well.

Backpacks With Water Bottle Pockets

Look on any school supply list these days, and it will likely have a “water bottle” listed on it. This saves teachers the hassle of dealing with kids who will find any excuse to leave a lesson because they need a drink from the hallway water fountain (or “bubbler” as we call it here at Lands’ End in Wisconsin). Nonetheless, they’ll need something that helps them bring said water bottle to and from school. After all, you don’t want them sticking it in their backpack where it can leak and get their schoolwork wet. Look for a backpack with water bottle pockets on either side of the backpack. Make sure the pockets are large enough to accommodate the size of the water bottle, too. They shouldn’t be too big either, as water bottles can easily fall out of loose pockets.

Water-Resistant Backpacks

Mother Nature doesn’t care if your child has to walk to and from school in the rain. She also doesn’t care if your child has to wait for the bus in a snow storm. Backpacks will get wet when they’re uncovered. But that doesn’t mean the contents have to get soaked. A water-resistant backpack will do its part in repelling some of the precipitation and also protect the homework and books inside.

Personalized Backpacks

Kids love to show their sense of individuality, especially as they get older. In fact, you may start to realize that their backpack is covered with more signatures and doodles with each passing day. By the end of the school year, it might look more like a graffiti-filled billboard than the pristine backpack it was at the beginning of the year. Help them express their individuality right off the bat by letting them choose a backpack with colors or a design that represents their uniqueness. This could be by simply adding their name, their initials, or embroidery of their favorite type of animal. A personalized backpack not only helps older kids express themselves, but it also helps parents of younger kids easily identify their children’s bags at school or daycare.

Backpacks With Reflective Trim

Reflective trim should definitely be a consideration for kids who have to wait for the bus early in the morning when it is still dark outside. Crossing the street or getting off the school bus can be a hazard on rainy or foggy days when drivers may have difficulty seeing them. Reflective trim is not only a simple feature that can be added to a backpack but a life-saving one as well.

Comfortable Backpacks

Backpacks are a common source of back pain for kids. This is especially true for older kids who tend to carry their backpacks around from class to class. But comfort should be a factor in choosing a book bag for kids no matter what their age. Look for one that not only has padded shoulder straps but also has a chest strap that helps take some of the backpack’s weight off their shoulders. When the weight is distributed evenly, it is less likely to pull at a single pressure point. Don’t make the assumption that a thicker, heavier fabric is always the answer. A lightweight backpack can still be durable, as long as it is made with high standards for quality. You don’t always have to go with the largest backpack option, either. There are some backpacks that have a hook on them for hanging their lunch box to save space in their backpack.

Be sure to consider the size of the backpack you’re buying your child so it isn’t too big for them. Kids should be at least 4’ 6” for an extra-large backpack that measures 19” in height and 4’3” to use a large backpack that measures 18” in height. For children 3’6” and taller a small 16” backpack is perfect.

Once you have a backpack that has the best features and fits your style, you can rest assured that you did your part in finding the perfect backpack. Picking one that’s not only comfortable to carry but also in a cool design ensures your kids will love it as well.


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