Perfect Accessories to Wear During Zoom Calls This Spring

Perfect Accessories to Wear During Zoom Calls This Spring

Zoom calls, once reserved for far-flung family members or traveling spouses, have now become part of our daily lives. Remote work and lockdowns gave rise to new video technologies so we could continue connecting with people and getting work done. It also leads to different strategies in presenting ourselves. Instead of putting together a full outfit to go to work or meet a friend, we only need to prepare what can be seen on a Zoom screen. Plus, with the work-from-home culture, women's loungewear and slippers became a lot more common.

While dress codes may have been relaxed over the pandemic, there are some Zoom calls you still want to look your best for. However, you are limited in the impression you can give by the range of your camera, so whatever is in view needs to be intentional. You only get a women's top and accessories to express yourself and communicate an impression. Here are some things to consider when you're trying to choose the right accessories to showcase your best on Zoom calls this spring.

Who Are You and Who Are You Talking to?

As with most dressing tips, striking a balance between self-expression and what the occasion calls for is very important. Let's start with the occasion. Is this a job interview? A client meeting? A birthday call? An online game night? When you know your schedule and what's lined up, you'll know how to start creating the right look.

After you've established the impression you want to give, match it with your personal style. Are you a little more flashy or more demure? A little more avant-garde or classic? Find a way to express yourself while still dressing for the occasion.

In terms of accessories, if you want glamorous, go with hoops that glitter or a chunky necklace with a bold color. If you prefer a cleaner, more pure look, choose elegant, simple pieces like pearl earrings or a cute headband.

Remember: Visibility Is Critical!

What area does your camera cover? Most of us show our faces and maybe our shoulders and the upper part of our torso. This restriction dramatically limits your choice of necklaces and hair accessories. The effect of a long necklace will be lost on your Zoom caller, asymmetrical necklaces may not make sense if you can't see all of both sides, and even medium necklaces may get lost if you move back and forth at all during your meeting. Shorter necklaces and chokers are your best bet if you go with a necklace. You could even do fashion scarves as long as it's tied well.

For hair accessories, anything on the back of your head will, of course, not be in view. Putting your hair in some sort of shape, like a bun or a half-up, doesn't need to take up much of your time since it will only register from the front. If you want to add a little something, choose clips that pin just beyond your hairline or a headband with a conspicuous pattern or style. That way, whatever you're wearing can be picked up by the camera and your impression will be transmitted to your fellow participants.

Finding just the right necklace or hair clip that will be in view and stay in view might be a hassle, so earrings may be the better choice. Earrings are going to be in the picture no matter how you shift around, and since a necklace may be a tough find, you can go with something that makes more of a statement.

Choosing emphasis earrings is also a good choice because of another aspect of visibility?—video quality. While Zoom has decent overall video quality, it's not usually high definition. The picture is still a little blurry, your camera may not be the most up-to-date, and the lighting in your room may not be professional standards.

This means you want to make sure that your accessories are visible. That may mean going with something a little bigger, selecting a necklace that creates a color contrast with your women's dress shirt, or choosing earrings with a bit more sparkle so the other caller can actually see what you're wearing.

Whatever you decide on, take a moment before your meeting to ensure everything is coming across how you want it to. Keep your hairstyle, background color, and lighting in mind, as well. Now, go out and be the star of that Zoom meeting!


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