Patterns Other Than Floral To Rock for Spring

Patterns Other Than Floral To Rock for Spring

One of the best parts of spring fashion is the whole-hearted return to bright colors, fun, feather-weight fabrics, and a huge range of playful patterns to bring to everything from dresses to statement tops. While floral is certainly a spring mainstay, suggesting new life bursting forth in our gardens and parks, it’s far from the only pattern we love for the season. Might we suggest a spring renewal for your closet, and branching out through patterns as the temperatures drop? There are so many ways to mix it up when it comes to prints and patterns, but here are a few of our favorites to try.

Stripes Spell Spring

Stripes are a fun, fitting choice of pattern for any season—like red and green in the winter, and darker colors in the fall. But come springtime, there are so many bright, cheerful stripes to slip on, we can't wait to begin.

Sailor stripes are one of the best ways to go. We love the French spin on striping, and the nautical spirit they suggest. Stripes of alternating sizes and colors are another fun way to style the print, especially in a crew or v-neck tee or tank top. A striped skirt can be a great way to bring a little life to your work wardrobe. And while most people think horizontal when they think of stripes, try a vertical stripe pattern for a flattering, elongating style on top or bottom.

Get Spotted in Polka Dots

A fun and fabulous pattern with a vintage flair, polka dots have been a fashion staple forever. Big, bold polka dots make a statement. We love seeing them on dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits in bright colors or black and white. Smaller polka dots lend an air of class to a button-down shirt or t-shirt, begging onlookers to do a double-take when they spot you. Wearing polka dots from head to toe is one of our favorite ways to style the print, especially in a long, flowy midi dresses or floor-length dress, or an epic pair of polka-dot palazzo pants. A polka-dot tank top with a solid bottom is a simple way to add a little fun to your look if you want your look to be more subtle.

Try On Some Tie-Dye

Forget any ideas you might have about rainbow-colored patterns reminiscent of peace-loving hippies from the '60s—tie-dye is getting a whole new reputation as one of the best patterns for spring and summer. It doesn’t have to scream “Summer of Love.” The pattern looks best when it appears in soft pastel colors or unexpected fabrics—think a tie-dye wrap top, or long flowing skirt. It suggests a youthful playfulness that’s fun for any age and brings life and color to your ensemble.

Say It With Seersucker

While technically falling into the stripes category, we think seersucker deserves mention for its unique, classic spin on striping that’s perfect for spring. The word suggests both a pattern and a fabric, traditionally in alternating blue and white stripes and cotton, giving an almost wrinkled look. The seersucker blazer is a great item for spring or summer, perfect to throw over a dress for an event as the temperature cools down in the evening.

A seersucker skirt, shorts, or even bathrobe are ideal spring choices, with their breathable fabric and light, easy style. This print can look laid-back and put-together at the same time, which makes it a wardrobe staple for the warmer seasons.

Go Wild for Animal Prints

Leopard, snake, and zebra are just some of our favorite animal prints for spring. It’s an easy way to add a little wildlife to your wardrobe and spice up an otherwise simple outfit. There are plenty of ways to style animal prints in spring looks—a zebra-print dress or skirt is especially on-point, or a leopard print bathing suit when the temperature begins to drop. These bold looks offer an instant outfit upgrade and give you an easy way to stand out in a crowd.

While we’ll never totally say goodbye to our beloved floral prints for spring, we’re ready to mix things up, bringing lots of fun, bold prints into our closets, and out on the streets for spring. Be sure to check out the links below for more style advice from Lands' End!


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