Party Ideas for Milestone Birthdays

Party Ideas for Milestone Birthdays

Milestone birthdays don’t come along too often, especially once you get past your early 20s. While it’s always important to celebrate another year of you, it’s doubly important to do so as you reach milestone birthdays in your later years, whether that’s your 30th birthday, 40th birthday (though, these aren’t really later years), 50th birthday, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th or 100th!

How you commemorate each milestone will vary—a 30th birthday will look very different from a 90th—but a worthy celebration should be on the agenda for every milestone you hit. We’re here to help give you some ideas for celebrating your next milestone birthday.

30th Birthday

30 is still young. In fact, some people consider 30 the new 20! But, the significant difference is that at 30, you likely have a job and steady income. With that full-time job salary, you’re more able to have a birthday bash for this milestone birthday than you were at 20, and you can fully take advantage of that. To celebrate your 30s, you could go with a fun, themed party—like a roaring ‘20s party to mark the end of your 20s. For this, encourage your guests to wear their best flapper attire and go through your own closet (or your nearest thrift store!) to find birthday outfit ideas. Next, create a playlist of music that’s reminiscent of the era and have plenty of snacks and some prohibition-inspired cocktails (like bathtub gin) to mark the day.

40th Birthday

A throwback party to your college years is a great way to celebrate your 40th birthday—all you have to do is make a playlist of all of the biggest songs from college, find a dress that brings you back to your 20s and invite your nearest and dearest over for the event! You can even purchase your favorite snacks from college, along with the quintessential college!

50th Birthday

At 50, you’re half a century, which means you should have a celebration that fits that fact. Use your 50th birthday as an excuse to dress up in your favorite little black dress and a pair of sparkly heels. Celebrate this momentous occasion in a private room at your favorite restaurant or at a private space in a local winery—just make sure the venue feels as special as this day is!

60th Birthday

Task your kids with planning your 60th birthday while you sit back and relax as the big day approaches. Give them some guidelines—like if you want a theme party, share what kind of vibe you want and guest list requirements, and leave the rest up to them. Your 60s should be the start of a slower lifestyle (hello, retirement!), so why not kick off the decade with a party planned by your loved ones? Once the party is planned, find yourself a cocktail dress in your favorite color and a pair of shoes that will be comfortable all evening.

70th Birthday

For your 70th birthday, you can take it back to the 70s with a groovy, disco-themed party complete with the soundtrack (that everyone is sure to love!) and some outfits inspired by the decade too—like fringed tops and bellbottoms. This party would be especially fun to have at a venue with a disco ball, but would also be just as nice within the comfort of your own home. But, to take the pressure off, have the event catered so you can focus on your fabulous outfit and fun soundtrack.

80th Birthday

Those turning 80 are likely surrounded by children and grandchildren, so this milestone birthday could be a nice excuse to get the whole family together. In the spring and summer, your 80th could be a full-on picnic; or in the fall and winter, you can have an indoor gathering that's just as fun. You can slip on a casual birthday outfit like capri pants and a blouse or an easy t-shirt dress for this quiet celebration.

90th Birthday

For 90, you should go all out with a party at a restaurant you’ve been visiting for years (and even decades). Here, order your go-to meals and ask your family to celebrate you with a party consisting of all of your favorite things, like pictures of loved ones, your favorite music, and your favorite drinks.

100th Birthday

A 100th birthday is a day worth celebrating and should be all about what the birthday girl (or boy) wants. If they crave comfort, have a quiet party at home with just a few family members. If they want a louder celebration, use a communal space in your local church or community center to host an event that brings in both friends and family who will be so happy to celebrate 100 years of your loved one.

There’s plenty of time to plan your upcoming milestone birthday—even if you just had yours. In that case, you have that much more time to plan your next one!


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