5 Items To Give Your Parents This Holiday Season

5 Items To Give Your Parents This Holiday Season


The holiday season is finally here. This means making a list, checking it twice, and choosing the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life. Thoughtful holiday gifts are all about getting that perfect something your parents would want, but wouldn’t buy for themselves. Shopping for your parents is a breeze with these fantastic gift ideas for your folks.

1. Monogrammed Home Goods

Bed sheets are always a luxurious gift to give this holiday season. There’s nothing better than a restful night’s sleep. Give a personalized gift this year with luscious bed sheets and monogrammed blankets.

Instead of going for just monogramming initials, get creative. Is there a fun phrase your parents love to use? Perhaps put their wedding date on their bedsheets or a birthday. Think about a fun way to celebrate your family’s unique style with monogrammed bedding they will love for years to come. The key is to keep it personal and think outside the normal initials.

2. A Gift To Support Their Hobbies

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a product that supports their hobbies. Maybe they love to golf or quilt. Or perhaps they love to hike. Think about what they love to do and give a gift that shows you care about what they care about. Sometimes it’s a challenge to shop for a particular hobby, especially if you aren’t familiar with it. Combat this by chatting directly with them or someone else who has the same hobby about what makes a great gift. Use conversation starters like “If you could buy yourself one amazing item for X hobby, what would it be?” or read up on various blogs dedicated to that hobby to get inspired for your parent’s gift.

3. Cozy Loungewear

The winter season is for snuggles and what better way to nestle up than with some comfy clothes? Give the gift of cozy clothing this season with matching women's yoga pants robes, slippers, sweats, and more. These gifts are great when everyone is spending more time indoors. Not to mention, they have a practical appeal that everyone loves.

Choose fun patterns, use a funky saying, or get cozy loungewear in their favorite color. You can even personalize these gifts with monogramming or printing a personalized cotton cardigan to go with their outfit. Choose an entire style from tops to bottoms or go for a lux comfy item that keeps on giving. Create a small gift basket with teas, chocolate, coffee, and other cute accessories perfectly suited for an evening in.

4. Make Memories Together

Some of the best gifts aren’t physical objects. In fact, planning a special experience is one of the best gifts to give your parents. Why not share a special moment, such as a cooking class, hike, or weekend retreat? Alternatively, you can give them a local park’s pass for a whole year of memories. Plan a special getaway with just the family. Quality time together wins over a wrapped gift any day. Build up excitement by giving a few handy trinkets, such as sunscreen and a beach towel for a weekend on the beach, or a new set of mixing bowls for a special cooking class. Either way, have fun with a memory-filled gift this holiday season.

5. Take Care of Chores

Another way to give back is to offer to do some chores around the house. These can be things your parents can no longer do, like cleaning the gutters or doing some heavy lifting. Offer to paint a room or two in their home or get to that garden project they always dreamed about.

Helping out with chores is a great way to not only take some of the burdens off your parents but to bond with them too. Just be sure to keep expectations in check and tackle something where you would be a real help. The holidays are all about giving, and giving your time is just as important as wrapping a gift.

The holiday season is the season for coming together as a family. This year, make your parents’ gifts special with thoughtful touches. Consider personalizing their gift with a message that’s meaningful to all of you. Offer to do some yard work, or you can plan to make memories together with a small gift basket and a special event planned for later in the year. Whatever you decide to get your parents this holiday, be sure to put small thoughtful touches that speak directly to what they love the most, you.


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