Pants for Older Women

Pants for Older Women

Getting older means many beautiful things. It might mean grandchildren, retirement, and resources to do the fun things you've always wanted to do. Something else getting older might mean is a shift in fashion choices. Not that you should be limited by your age, but you may find your priorities changing and a corresponding wardrobe upgrade is in order. Here are some features to keep in mind as you shop for pants as an older woman.


Structure in your clothing may become more important to you. The thin fabrics that cling to your legs and reveal every curve may not be your preference anymore. Consider fabrics that are more densely woven and have more structure. Pants made out of these kinds of fabrics can create cleaner lines and give your legs a smoother shape than thinner fabrics. In addition, such fabrics tend not to wrinkle as easily. Since pants are subject to frequent movement as we walk, sit down, and stand up, wearing material that doesn't create a semi-permanent crease is a clear advantage to your bottom half. Typical materials like cotton, denim or polyester come in different thicknesses and strengths, so an easy way to start looking for structured pants is to pay attention to the weight of a piece.


Along with the strong fabric, you'll also want to consider the comfort of wearing your pants. Technically, a sturdy denim material is very structured, but it may also be rough on your skin. Finding a blend of comfortable and durable is important. Choose a pair of pants made of fabric with some elasticity so it's flexible as you move around yet still retains its clean shape. These two features will have to be in good proportion though because some fabrics will be too stretchy and end up losing their shape. Sometimes elastic waist pants strike a good balance. Deciding can be difficult, so we recommend trying things on. Feeling the material on your skin and seeing how the shapes of different pants work with your body shape is easiest when you try on each of the pairs and walk around for a bit. Going into a store is the most obvious solution to make this happen, but if you are willing to put in a little time, you can also purchase a variety of pants online from stores that have good return policies, try them on, choose your preferred brand and style, then send the rest back.

Machine Washable

Another feature you'll want to keep in mind when buying a new pair of pants is how easy they are to take care of. As mentioned above, wrinkle resistance is a great element in pants not only because it keeps you looking sharp throughout your day, but also because you don't have to put time into ironing or steaming your clothes. Along with wrinkle resistance, which hopefully will be connected to the strength of the fabric and come as a by-product of a good material choice, you'll also want to check whether or not a pair of pants is machine washable. Sometimes we take this as a given when buying clothes, but it's not always the case. Even when a piece is machine washable, it's always good to check whether you should wash it with like colors or on delicate, or if there are other special instructions.


You definitely have to be stylish! No matter how much fabric or structure sense a pair of pants makes, don't buy it if you don't love it. If you need a few ideas for pants features that are likely to make you look good, there are a few elements of design to keep in mind. Straight-leg cuts, like straight-leg jeans or cropped pants, create clean, straight lines down your legs and, when paired with a structured material, are great for concealing anything uneven. High-waisted pants are also useful as they give the eye the impression of long legs and help create good visual proportions in your outfits. Not all high-rise cuts are the same height or make sense with each body type, so you may have to look around for a high-rise cut that works for you.

Now that you have some of the basic priorities for how to decide on a good pair of pants, it's time to go out and find the ones that both fit the bill and that you can't wait to wear.


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