3 Pants Every Businessman Should Have

3 Pants Every Businessman Should Have

When it comes to business, every man can agree that you need to look successful. Looking stylish and dapper doesn’t have to feel like a chore. When you build an extensive variety of essentials and key pieces in your wardrobe, you can effortlessly choose from them. Whether you’ve been in the business realm for a while, are wanting to refresh your repertoire or are just getting started, finding the perfect pieces can be hard if you don’t know what to look for. For now, let’s start with the most basic piece you’ll need to style around — men’s dress pants. There are three types of pants you’ll need to add to your office look when you’re not wearing a suit. 

Chino pants

Men’s chinos are one of the most classic pant styles and are definitely a necessity for any businessman. Their versatility is what makes this pant style so popular, timeless, and fashionable. Whether they’re part of a suit or not, chinos can be styled in so many different ways, which makes it easy for the man who doesn’t want to spend too much time putting outfits together. Because these types of pants can be worn dressed up or dressed casually, you’ll need more than a couple of pairs. 

When it comes to chinos, you’ll want to stick to neutral colors you can easily pair with tops. Colors such as different shades of greys, blues, browns, tans, and black are a must-have. These shades will allow you to wear any color and style of top no matter if it’s monochromatic or has a pattern. If your style is more colorful and vibrant, be sure to grab a few pairs in colors such as corals, teals, and even white. These colors do pop and when worn with the right soft-toned top, can pull together the most stylish ensemble.


Whoever said corduroy is out of style doesn’t know much about fashion. Corduroy, like velvet, will be hard to push out of style because it’s one of those fabrics that are special. However, there is a right and wrong way to wear this type of textile. When it comes to wearing corduroy in 2021, you’ll want to look for pants that have a higher wale count. The higher the wale or cord count, the more modern they will look. When it comes to corduroy, most people think of the lower wale count that has the more old-rustic feel. In this case, they would be right to say that they are out of style. Another detail you’ll want to keep an eye on is the cut of the pants because a tailored cut is going to look better and more modern.

Keep in mind that corduroy tends to be a little warm so it’s best to add these to your fall and winter wardrobe but don’t ex them from your spring and summer wardrobe. Once in a while, you get those not-so-normal chill days during the hottest months of the year. This makes it the perfect opportunity to wear a pair of stylish corduroy pants with a button-up top and a light sports coat.


When it comes to casual Fridays, nothing says it better than a pair of men’s khaki pants. When you think of khaki, your mind automatically thinks of the khaki color right? Although the khaki color is a must, you should also have a few pairs of khaki pants in colors such as navy blue, black, grey, and even colors such as dark browns and olives. When paired with a white shirt, a blazer, a statement belt, and formal shoes, you can easily go from casual to dressy. Depending on your mood, this style of pants will allow you to get as basic or as over-the-top as you’re feeling for the day. However, when it comes to khaki pants, you’ll want to look for details such as the cut and those eye-catching cargo pockets that some are designed with. Stay away from these types of pockets and cuts because they can take your look from business dapper to outdoor adventurer. 

The best-looking cut of khaki pants that will make you look fashionable is slim fit, straight fit, and tailored fit. Avoid wide-legged or loose-fitting baggy khakis since they are not very flattering, especially if you’ve got a great pair of shoes or a sleek belt to show off. 

As long as you have a variety and a large number of basics, you’ll have a good starting point from which to switch out tops, coats, sweaters, and other pieces to go along with each pair. You can make a brand new outfit each time you wear them. Invest in timeless pieces such as belts that you can also wear with each of these styles. It’s surprising how the smallest accessory can make an old outfit look brand new.


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