Pajamas For People Based on Their Personality on Your Christmas List

Pajamas For People Based on Their Personality on Your Christmas List

Pajamas are a great gift for everyone on your Christmas list. One way to do this is to buy pajamas based on their personalities. Let’s look at some fun and easy personality pajamas.

Fabulous Flannel

Flannel pajamas are a great gift for loved ones in cold climates. There is nothing quite as cozy as slipping into flannel pajamas on a cold winter’s night. Classic flannel pajamas are cut to be roomy but not baggy. They come in classic solid colors and plaids, as well as fun prints. If you’re unsure what pajamas would be best to give someone, flannel pajamas are sure to please.

Flannel is super soft because the fabric is brushed while creating the flannel. That gives it the nap or extra soft fuzzy feel we all love. Most flannel is made from cotton, which makes it a great choice to have next to your skin because it breathes.

Sumptuous Silk

Do they love the feel of wearing silk shirts or blouses? If so, chances are they will love a pair of silk men’s or women’s pajamas. Silk is a natural fiber that has the unique quality of keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is the most luxurious of natural fibers for pajamas.

For the ultimate Christmas gifts, consider giving them silk pajamas and a coordinating silk robe. These will become sleepwear staples that they will appreciate wearing year-round.

Cute Characters

Does your little one have a favorite animated character? Whether it's from a TV show or a movie, chances are you can find kids’ pajamas to match. When buying pajamas for tykes, err on the side of getting them a bit too big. You don’t want them long enough that they could trip over them, but kids grow fast. Pro tip: Don’t overlook big kids for character pajamas. Teens and even 20-somethings may love this idea. It’s amazing how much little kids and big kids are alike at heart.

Fun pajamas can also be a way to get little ones interested in bath time and bedtime. They may not want to stop playing, but if they know they will get to wear their favorite pajamas after they get cleaned up and brush their teeth, bedtime can feel like a reward. Just add a favorite story or two and a kiss on the forehead for the perfect end to the day.

Schools and Sports

Do you have loyal alumni, students with spirit, or super sports fans on your gift list? If so, go for pajamas that match their school or favorite team colors. Some high schools and universities even have pajamas available with their school logo or mascot on them. If you go for this option, shop early for the best results. The best tops and pajama pants can sell out early.

Although pajamas are officially sleepwear, school- and sports-related pajamas can also make excellent loungewear for watching the big game on the TV over the holidays. If the weather outside becomes frightful, why not declare a pajama day and enjoy some family time with baking and favorite movies?

Purrfect Prints

Pajamas take animal prints to a whole new level! Whether your gift recipient's favorite animals purr, bark, or chirp, you can find fun pajamas to match. Everything from paw prints to perky penguins can be found in pajama prints. If your loved ones have fur babies, they will appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity of this gift.

Don’t forget the furry family members when making your gift list! They may not wear pajamas, but a fun dog coat, a new collar, a dog bed, or a cat tree will make everyone’s holiday brighter. To make the gifts extra special, have them monogrammed with the pet’s name or something cute like “Woof” or “Meow.” It can also be fun to have the pets “give” gifts, too. Perhaps you can give a pet lover a traditional gift, but then their cat or dog can give them a gift in a fun animal print.

Footed Flannel

For the little kids (and perhaps children of all ages!), consider footed pajamas. This cozy and traditional choice is most common for the little ones, but footed pajamas for the entire family can be found, too. By having feet built into their pajamas, you will keep their toes warm and help to keep them from slipping (always check for non-skid feet on footed pajamas). As with all pajamas, check sizes carefully. You don’t want the legs or feet to drag because they are too long. In the right size, footed pajamas are a two-in-one gift—pajamas and slippers!

Pajamas are the perfect gift for everyone on your list. By choosing pajamas based on their personality, you will make your loved ones' holidays even brighter.


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