A Guide to Pairing Hats With Your Fall Outfits

A Guide to Pairing Hats With Your Fall Outfits

Rock a stylishly coordinated look this fall by pairing hats with your apparel. No matter which outfits you find yourself in most often, there’s a hat that goes with them. There are plenty of reasons to reach for a hat — they keep your head warm and add style to your outfit. Also, they can salvage those bad hair days — and let’s face it, we all have them now and then! Here are some tips for creating a fall look with hats:

Canvas Caps Go With Everything

Sport casual fall style with a canvas cap in a goes-with-everything shade such as black or tan. If you like a gently worn look, choose brushed cotton canvas. For a fitted style, look for a lower profile cap with a moldable brim. Features like a leather strap and metal clasp impart durability to this classic hat style.

You can wear a canvas cap with athletic wear, such as women’s yoga pants and a T-shirt or sweatshirt. This type of hat works with any type of jeans, whether you prefer straight leg, boot cut, or skinny jeans. Even corduroy pants and a knit top can be worn with a cotton canvas cap.

Choose a Cloche Hat for Casual Elegance

Another hat style that’s great for fall is the cloche hat. It’s dressier than a cap, with a 1920s-inspired look that’s timeless yet on-trend. For a luxurious look and feel, look for a cloche cap in CashTouch fabric. This material looks and feels like real cashmere, except it’s way more affordable. You can even have a cloche hat monogrammed with initials for a personalized touch.

There are plenty of outfits that can be worn with this type of hat. Wear a cloche hat with your favorite fall dress, tights, and a pair of ankle booties. Or top a casual outfit with one of these hats to impart a dressy touch. A pair of curvy fit jeans with one of your fave turtlenecks  is one idea; toss on a flannel shirt to make the look even more laid-back.

Reach for a Beanie on Cold Days

On the coolest fall days, wear a beanie to keep your head warm. This classic hat style isn’t just functional, however. Beanies are always on trend and come in an array of styles and colors. Choose a solid beanie with a coordinating pom-pom for an understated look or go for an upscale style with a neutral-toned houndstooth-print beanie.

Beanies are great to pair with skinny jeans or jeggings and a tunic top. Tunics go with any type of hats and/or pants because they’re universally flattering. Wear a tunic and jeggings with a beanie and calf-high boots for a fashion-forward look. Or, add a beanie to your comfiest athletic wear, such as yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

Wear a Bucket Hat for On-Trend Style

Then there’s the bucket hat. This style falls somewhere in between casual and dressy, so it’s also a hat you can wear with anything. Wear a water-resistant quilted bucket hat when you’re running errands or having outdoor fun. This type of hat keeps your head warm and adds a stylish touch to the most casual outfit. You can coordinate the color of the hat to your coat for a polished style or choose a hat color that contrasts for a vibrant look.

Bucket hats are also good for wearing with dresses and skirts. Slip into a maxi dress and boots for a fall look that can go anywhere; you can add a long cashmere cardigan for extra warmth. Cashmere cardigans take any outfit to the next level, and they come in a variety of colors to coordinate with your other apparel pieces. Don’t be afraid to wear cashmere with a quilted bucket hat; although the textures aren’t the same, they do complement each other nicely.

Matching Hats, Bags, and Shoes

When it comes to coordinating your headwear with other accessories, there are plenty of possibilities. You can match the color of your hat to your bag and shoes for a look that’s perfectly put together. For example, a black cap or cloche could work with a black handbag or even a tech bag, such as a laptop back pack. Add a pair of black boots—or whatever shoe style you prefer—and you’ve got an accessory look that adds polish to any outfit.

You don’t have to match your hat to your other accessories, though. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a teal beanie with a brown handbag and athletic trainers. The most important thing is to choose items that you feel comfortable and confident wearing.

Express Your Personal Style

Hats are a great way to accessorize your fall outfits. There really aren’t any rules to follow, so have fun and use them to show off your sense of style. Browse the wide selection of fall hats to find the ones that work for your wardrobe.


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