Packing Tips for Spring Getaways

Packing Tips for Spring Getaways

For many, springtime is a favorite time for travel. Why? In most climates, it’s not too hot but not too cold. Plus, it lets you beat the rush of summertime travel — a season that is popular for trips because of school breaks and slower work schedules.

For those who want to travel in the spring, there are a few important things to keep in mind when packing a bag for a spring getaway. Here are the most important packing tips to keep in mind when getting ready for a spring trip.

Pack Layers

The temperatures throughout a spring day can vary greatly. In the mornings, there can be a cold chill in the air that requires your women’s fleece jacket and a light scarf, but by afternoon, temperatures can reach those pleasant spring temps that we seemingly wait for all year, allowing you to leave the house in just a T-shirt. The variability of spring weather means that packing layers is an important thing to remember for any springtime trip.

Pack a light spring jacket, along with a few sweatshirts or sweaters for women, as well as important base layer items like tank tops, long-sleeved tees, and T-shirts. This way, you’ll have plenty to choose from on your trip in case the weather fluctuates from morning to night.

Prepare for Rain

April showers bring May flowers is a nice way to say spring is a rainy season! When packing for a spring getaway, be sure to pack plenty of rain gear to keep you dry in the case of any unexpected rainy days. Pack a pair of rain boots so you aren’t stuck wearing a pair of shoes that aren’t waterproof on a day out exploring your destination and pack your favorite rain jacket, too. As one final layer of protection, you’ll also want to make sure you have a travel-sized umbrella in your weekend bag.

Get Ready For Some Sun

In contrast, spring can also be a very sunny time with bright days that will call for your sunglasses and a hat. Remember to pack your sunny-day essentials on your upcoming spring vacation, too. In addition to your sunglasses and hat, pack sunblock, sandals, and even some family swimwear if you’re going somewhere where swimming may be an option on a particularly warm day.

You want to be prepared for whatever weather comes your way so think versatile!

Pack Your Favorite Jeans

Classic jeans are the foundation for many great outfits. You don’t want to be on a spring getaway without your trusty pair of jeans. They can be worn to family dinners, on scenic hikes, or when exploring a museum you’ve been wanting to visit.

Plus, they’re good in all kinds of weather — rain, sun, or on a cloudy day. Make sure you pack your favorite jeans for your spring trip and make sure your family members pack their jeans, too.

Bring Something Comfy

A major part of a vacation is relaxing. It’s important to spend time enjoying your new scenery and not stressing about the things that bother us every day at home, like work and household chores. Whether it’s women’s pajamas or stretchy leggings, make sure you have at least one comfy outfit to wear during your spring trip.

You’ll reach for this outfit when lounging on the couch in your rental or cuddling up for bed in your hotel. Either way, you’ll get good use out of it so add comfy clothes to the top of your packing list.

Make Sure Your Luggage is Sturdy

If it’s been a few years since you’ve last traveled, it is probably a good idea to check on the shape of your travel bags. The last thing you want is to be lugging around a bag with a broken strap or packing a rolling suitcase with broken wheels.

Upgrade to some new luggage for your upcoming vacation like a hard-shell suitcase or a women’s duffle bag. This way, all of the important items you pack will be protected by a high-quality travel bag.

Spring is a wonderful season — flowers are blooming, sunsets are later, and warm weather is back — but it’s also unpredictable weather-wise. Be sure the items you’re packing for your spring getaway are versatile and can handle whatever weather is thrown your way, whether that’s intense humidity, a fast-moving rainstorm, or chilly days.


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