Packing Tips for a Weekend Trip

Packing Tips for a Weekend Trip

Is there anything more fun than a weekend getaway? Whether you’re heading out to visit friends, explore a new city, or visit a favorite spot for the hundredth time, a weekend trip is a lovely break from the regular routine. Here are some packing tips to make your weekend easy and fun.

Versatile and Easy to Pack

First, you will want to think about what types of fun activities you will be up to on your weekend trip. Will there be parties or other planned social events, or is this a more laid-back trip? Will you be spending much time outdoors? Are there sporting events or cultural activities on the agenda? These will all determine what is best to wear. If there is a wedding or any other big social event on the agenda, make sure to pack your entire outfit for the event in one garment bag. This will make it easy to carry as well as easy when it’s time to get ready for the big event. For casualwear, keep colors easy to mix and match and include some layers in your wardrobe. For example, a pair of women’s yoga pants can probably be worn twice during the weekend and can be dressed up with a pretty sweater or down with a T-shirt. A handy way to keep individual pieces easy to mix is to stick to neutral colors for bottoms and shoes and at most a couple of colors for tops plus white or black. Knits and synthetics are easier to keep wrinkle-free and can also be rolled for easy packing.

Don’t Forget the Swimwear

Unless you are positive that swimming won’t be an option, pack a swimsuit and a simple cover-up. Whether you have access to a beautiful beach or perhaps a swimming pool or whirlpool, you’ll want to be ready to unwind and enjoy. If you will be going to a beach, pack a beach towel, too (and don’t forget the sunscreen). If you’re likely to enjoy the hotel pool, keep your packing lighter by letting the hotel provide the towels. If you pack your swimsuit just in case, at the end of a long day of sightseeing or visiting, you could find yourself going for a relaxing swim or sinking into the luxurious warmth of a whirlpool.

Include a Cardigan

Whether you want to dress up those yoga pants and a T-shirt, are going a step higher with dress pants and a silk shell, or simply want to make sure you are warm and comfy, bring a women’s cardigan in a neutral color or a fun pop color that can be worn at least a couple of different ways with the other clothes you have packed for the weekend. From aggressive air conditioning to cooler than expected evenings, a cardigan will help you to look stylish while staying comfortable.

For a touch of luxury, make your cardigan a cashmere cardigan. Not only will it be warm and soft, but it will also look gorgeous. Every woman deserves to have a cashmere cardigan in her wardrobe. Especially if you choose a classic neutral color, you can enjoy wearing it for years to come.

One Easy Dress

Unless your weekend trip is extremely casual, it’s a nice idea to pack one simple women’s dress. Perhaps a cute T-shirt dress that you could wear with sneakers or a lovely maxi dress for a casual dinner out. Especially if you are visiting friends and don’t have “full control” over the agenda, it can be nice to have a comfy dress to pull out when someone suggests that new restaurant that has a dress code. The beauty of a dress is that you can put on a pair of heels and a great pair of earrings with it and be dressed up in a flash. It’s easier to wear a dress than an outfit made of separates because there are fewer decisions.

Good Walking Shoes

You’ll want to go for both substance and style on this one. We all have those cute shoes that aren’t really meant for walking. Whether you will be walking through an airport, a museum, a mall, or taking a lovely stroll outdoors, chances are you will need to do some walking on your weekend trip. Stay comfy with a pair of shoes that are already broken in and neutral enough to go with almost everything that you have packed. For warmer weather, this may be a good pair of walking sandals. If you’re unsure of what to buy, spend a little time on the internet and check out suggestions for traveling shoes. You’ll end up looking great, and your feet will thank you, too.

Wherever you go for your weekend trip, a little planning will make your weekend relaxing and keep you looking great!


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