Packing List for a Beach Weekend Away

Packing List for a Beach Weekend Away

Now that beach season is finally here, it’s time to pack your bags and get ready for your next long weekend of fun in the sun. From tote bags to the latest trendy swimwear, here’s our essential packing list for a beach weekend away.


First things first, let’s talk about skin safety. Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen. Even if the weather isn’t calling for a beautiful, bright, and sunny day, you’ll still want to wear sunscreen if you’re going to be outside all day. Opt for a sunscreen that’s a spray instead of a lotion or cream if you want to easily reapply sunscreen.


Another way to protect your skin and hair is with a fashionable hat. Hats aren’t just for accessorizing. They also help prevent sun damage to your hair and keep your face in the shade. Even if you have a hat covering you, you’ll still want to put sunscreen on your face and the rest of your body.

Totes and Beach Bags

One of the easiest ways to bring your beach getaway items is with canvas totes & beach bags. You can go for a straw tote, canvas tote, or a duffel bag. Depending on how heavy or how many items you plan on carrying with you, the bigger, the better, but you may not always need a large beach bag. Sometimes all you need is a simple tote bag to carry items to and from your hotel room to the beach.

Water Shoes

If you plan on swimming in the ocean, consider bringing water shoes. They’ll protect your feet from unexpected creatures or unwanted surprises in the deep blue. Because they’re often made from breathable and flexible materials, water shoes will also help keep your feet cool. No one wants to step on hot sands when they’re on the beach, and you may not want to get sand all over your nice sandals or flip-flops. If you have little ones, get them water shoes as well in case they accidentally step on tiny sharp shells or other rough material on the beach. Wear water shoes instead, specifically for the beach.

Beach Towels

Don’t use the towels you use at home for showering at the beach. Use designated beach towels. Beach towels tend to be larger than your everyday towels because they’re meant for your entire body to lie down on at the beach.

Swim Trunks

As for what to wear at the beach, you’ll want to get comfortable and stylish men’s swim trunks for him. They’re versatile enough to work well for a wide number of activities, from boating to jet skiing. When choosing swim trunks, look at different sizes, materials, and designs depending on how active you plan on being that day. Lands’ End has a huge selection of swim trunks to choose from, whether he’s going to be building sandcastles or surfing.

Rash Guards

Rash guards are a must-have for people of all ages. Also known as a swim shirt, rash guards offer more coverage than just swim trunks or swimsuits alone. They’re a great option for anyone planning on doing more athletic activities at the beach. You’ll have more protection from the sun, and the swim shirt will help prevent your skin from getting chafed. Depending on how much coverage you need, you can use rash guards with full-length or short sleeves.

Swimsuit Tops

Swimsuit tops are a must for any woman who wants to mix and match her swimwear. Consider both tankini tops and bikini tops. Tankini swimsuits are the happy medium between the one-piece swimsuit and more revealing bikini top. Tankinis offer the flexibility and fashionable look of a two-piece with a bit more coverage than the traditional bikini top. Don’t want to get any awkward tan lines? Go for a bikini top. You can play around with different fabrics, colors, and patterns for both the tops and bottoms. Try pairing a bikini top with a beautiful floral pattern with solid color swim shorts.

Swimsuit Bottoms

Pack swimsuit bottoms that you know you’ll love wearing. Swimsuit bottoms aren’t just bikini bottoms, but those are classic must-haves as well. If you want something practical with more coverage, go for swim shorts. If you want something more playful, try swim skirts. Dress up your beach look by wearing any of these different bottoms with a sparkly tankini or bikini top.


Lastly, be sure to pack some beach cover-ups that can be worn when you’re going to and from the shore. If you want to go to restaurants or walk on the boardwalk between swimming, wear a cover-up to protect your body from heat rash. They’re also stylish essentials and can be worn even when you’re not at the beach.

Now that you know what to pack for your beach weekend away, you’ll be all set for a fun weekend trip. Not only will you be comfortable with any of these practical items, but you’ll also be fashionable all season long.


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