Packing Light? 5 of the Best Sleepwear Items to Bring on Vacation

Packing Light? 5 of the Best Sleepwear Items to Bring on Vacation

Packing light with intention will make your vacation easier and more fun. Don’t forget the sleepwear that will keep you comfy at the end of the day. Let’s look at the best sleepwear to bring on vacation.

Mix and Match Loungewear

The beauty of loungewear for women is that it is sleepwear and yet so much more. There was a time when sleepwear was strictly sleepwear and daywear was strictly daywear, but no more. That comfy long-sleeved T-shirt and stretch pants can work as either pajamas or an outfit that you could wear to answer the front door or even for running errands. When packing light, choosing garments that can do double duty will make your trip easier and more comfortable.

Pajama pants are technically loungewear these days, too. Where you wear them is up to you, but if you are observant, you’ll probably spot pants that at least could be pajama pants on adults everywhere from grocery stores to airports. Yoga pants are a nice step up in formality from pajama pants while still being something that you could wear for lounging or snoozing. When choosing tops for loungewear, go for a size that is roomy, but not baggy. This will keep you comfy yet also feel a bit more put together if you choose to step out while wearing one with your yoga pants.

Flannel Pajamas

If you want cozy sleepwear for a vacation, don’t forget flannel pajamas. They have several advantages. First, they are wonderfully comfy. Second, they breathe. Third, they will keep you warm if you could use a bit more insulation to keep you cozy on your vacation. Flannel pajamas will also make you look a bit more “dressed” than some sleepwear if you are staying with family and need to walk to the kitchen or bathroom in the middle of the night.

You can probably wear your flannel pajamas for at least two nights in a row which makes them a practical choice for traveling light. If you are staying in a hotel, they're also ideal for reading or watching TV in bed. Flannel also packs easily. Just roll up or fold up your pajamas and have them toward the top of your bag so you can grab them at the end of the day.

Cotton Pajamas

If you're vacationing somewhere warm, consider a pair of women’s cotton pajamas. They'll have all of the advantages of flannel pajamas while being a bit lighter and breezier. A pair of short cotton pajamas are also a compact choice for packing. Roll them up or fold them carefully if you care about wrinkles. If not, stash them in a corner or the top of your bag—wherever it will be easiest to reach them. For a weekend trip, one pair of cotton pajamas will be just fine. For a week or more, consider bringing two pairs. This will give you options including the ease of doing a quick load of laundry (either in a washer or just doing a quick hand wash and letting them dry in the bathroom) while still knowing that you have another pair of pajamas available.


You’ll want to consider packing a women’s robe even though you're packing light. It gives you layering options to keep you cozy. If you'll be staying with friends or family, it can also be handy to throw on a robe for anything from a trip to the coffee maker in the morning to breakfast with the whole crew. For packing light, consider the weight of the fabric of your robe. It may not be the time to wear your biggest fluffiest robe. Thinner fabric will pack down more easily in your luggage.

Also, keep in mind the length of your robe for both packing and wearing. A knee-length robe will be conservative looking and slightly smaller to pack. A full-length robe will be extra cozy if warmth could be an issue.


You’ll want to have either a pair of slippers or slipper socks included with your women’s sleepwear. You won’t want to pack your bulkiest slippers possible but staying cozy while vacationing includes having cozy feet. Take a few minutes while packing and decide what will work best for you. Maybe you have a nice pair of slippers that will pack easily. If not, look at your sock collection and consider bringing a couple of pairs of socks to use just as sleepwear. Whether you take them off to sleep is your choice but having them handy for staying warm and walking on new surfaces will keep you more comfortable. If you’re traveling for the holidays, keep in mind that everyone loves slippers, so they make great gifts.

With a bit of intention, you can travel light and have the sleepwear you need to be cozy. Have a wonderful trip!


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