Packing for a Summer Trip to Brazil

Packing for a Summer Trip to Brazil

Packing your suitcase to get ready for any trip can be an intricate process, but packing for a trip to Brazil in the summer can be considerably more complex. This is, in part, because Brazil is expansive and an incredibly ecologically diverse country that spans four time zones and contains five distinct climactic regions — the weather could change drastically during a quick drive. It is also made more complicated by the fact that summer in Brazil is winter here in the Northern Hemisphere.

So, thanks to the earth’s seasonal tilt, you not only have to consider the tropical and sub-tropical climates of your destination but also the climate and weather you are traveling from at home. Luckily, we have created this handy guide for you so you’ll know just how to pack to stay comfortable during the duration and your trip there and back again.

Getting There

Unless it’s below freezing when you’re leaving home, we recommend leaving your heavier layers there or perhaps in your car at the airport. Bring a lighter jacket for wearing on your way to and from the airport, and layer up.

For wearing while traveling to and from your tropical destination, wear several layers that are easy to take on and off, including a base of a tank top or t-shirt and a pair of biker shorts or running shorts that you can easily strip down to once you arrive in summery Brazil.

Pro-Tip: Pack Light

Take advantage of your warm-weather destination and pack light. South American summers are hot and humid, so you won’t need any of those warm layers once you land. When packing, stick to lightweight, breathable, and natural materials such as linen, silk, and bamboo.

Not only will packing lightweight breezy materials keep you cool while you are there, but your linen shirt is also conveniently lightweight in your bag as well, reducing the weight you have to haul. Dresses are a travel favorite for both of these reasons. A lightweight and breezy dress will keep you cool and comfortable, while also reducing the amount you have to pack as they are a one-piece full outfit.

Rain Gear and Outerwear

Brazil is famous for many reasons, but one that tends to stand out to travelers is the rain forests. These lush and diverse expanses are beautiful to behold, but you will quickly be reminded why they are so aptly named.

Be prepared for that humid tropical weather to change on a dime and don’t forget your rain jacket. We recommend a super lightweight packable and waterproof rain jacket that you can keep with you while traveling about the country.

Swimwear and Beach Gear

What would a trip to Brazil be without spending time on its beautiful beaches? Don’t forget to pack at least one swimsuit (we recommend bringing two, so you always have a dry spare to change into for back-to-back beach trips). For beach days, bring a beach cover-up or sarong as well.

As far as towels go, leave yours at home. It’s highly unlikely that wherever you are staying won’t have towels available for you to borrow. Plus, towels take up a ton of space in your luggage.

Shoes and Footwear Considerations

Another consideration when traveling to a place such as Brazil is whether or not to bring sandals or flip-flops from home. Unless you have a favorite pair of flip-flops that you just can’t imagine traveling without, most experts recommend leaving those at home as well and simply buying sandals or flip-flops once you are there. This is more space in your bag for souvenirs to bring home, plus the sandals there will be considerably cheaper.

Shoes that you should definitely bring from home, however, are good walking shoes.

Dressing Up and Going Out ‘Fits

Brazil is also known for its fashionable and fabulous local fashion scenes. Don’t be afraid to really dress up for going out in Brazil. Especially in the bigger beach towns, most women wear brightly colored dresses and warm weather-appropriate, loose-fitting billowy tops.

A maxi dress is a great option for packing for a destination like Brazil. You can wear this lightweight comfy dress while shopping during the day in your sneakers and then easily dress it up with a pair of heels for a dinner date later on.

Toiletries, Tech, and More

You will be able to find most toiletries and the like easily available in Brazil, but if you are loyal to certain brands, or require specific products, be sure to pack those. Also, keep in mind that Brazil uses different electrical outlets, so packing an adapter is a good idea. We also recommend bringing a water bottle with a built-in filter (just make sure it’s empty before airport security).

Use this guide to stay cool abroad and warm on your way home, and have a fantastic summer vacation in winter.


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