Packing for a Girl’s Trip to the Bahamas

Packing for a Girl’s Trip to the Bahamas

Going on a dream vacation planned just for you and your closest lady friends is almost certainly on every girl’s bucket list. One of the most popular destinations for these gal pal sabbaticals is the Bahamas—and for good reason.

The islands of the Bahamas are warm, breezy, and stunningly beautiful year-round. In addition to also being affordable and easily accessible from the U.S. (most flight times from Florida are under an hour). Besides, what’s more relaxing than having a fun tropical beverage while laying in the sun and sand with your best friends? So grab your beach bag

and your besties and let’s get packing.

Pack Your Packing Cubes

Packing cubes aren’t necessary for all types of vacation trips, but they sure do make life easier when traveling. Packing cubes help you stay organized, making it easier to keep track of your things while you’re away from home. We especially love lined packing cubes for tropical beachy trips, so you can keep damp swimsuits and sandy sandals separate from your clean clothes.

The Bahamas is also a great choice for a weekend away or a girl’s trip because you likely won’t even need to check a bag. Enjoying the warm sun and ocean breeze on your skin means you don’t need to bring layers or many outfits—you’re at the beach after all. Organize your packing cubes in a carry-on size weekender bag and you’re ready to go.

Waterproof Everything

A Caribbean vacation is all about fun in the sun, sand, and water. From the world-famous waterpark resorts to the beautiful crystal clear seas that surround the islands, you will likely be in the water every day that you are in the Bahamas. For this reason, we highly recommend you bring waterproofing accessories, such as a waterproof case for your phone.

In addition to some comfortable walking shoes and a pair of sandals, you may want to consider a pair of swim shoes or water shoes. Leave your nice leather sandals for walking around town or going out to dinner and bring your water shoes for any kayaking, paddle boarding, or other water sports.

Dressing for Dinners and Drinks

As mentioned, you will likely be spending your days in a swimsuit, so don’t be afraid to pack light. For meal times, daytime exploring, and even going out at night, we recommend bringing a few easy breezy dresses. Dresses are the ultimate friend of the traveler: a simple, one-piece outfit that takes up very little space in your luggage and gives you an instantly put-together look.

For your travel time in cabs and planes, wear a comfy cotton jersey dress with a pair of sneakers or your walking shoes of choice. Bring a cute sundress for brunches or in-town adventures, and a romper or maxi dress for dinner dates and going out at night.

Staying Cool

Speaking of easy-breezy clothing to keep both stylish and cool, don’t forget a simple beach cover-up. We recommend a long-sleeved (or at least quarter-sleeved) white linen tunic for the beach or for poolside hangouts. Loose-fitting breathable fabrics such as linen can offer some reprieve from the sun while also helping you stay cool. Stick to bright and light shades to help reflect the sun, keeping you even cooler.

You can leave your pants and sweaters at home for this trip, but you may want to bring at least one pair of ladies' shorts.

Protective Clothing for Fun in the Sun

Sun-protective swimwear is a must for any beach vacation. The closer you are to the equator, the more likely you are to withstand serious sun damage. Be sure to protect yourself with an SPF rashguard and/or swimsuit.

Things like sunscreen can be significantly more expensive in touristy beach towns, so go ahead and pack your own sunscreen from home. A hat and sunglasses are also must-have beach vacation accessories, so don’t forget those either!

Stylish Swimwear

Whether you’re the adventure seeker who wants to spend the week snorkeling, water skiing, and paddleboarding or you’re more likely to be found lounging poolside with a book, one item seems to trump this packing list: swimwear.

From slimming tummy-control swimsuits to bust-enhancing swimwear, there are plenty of options to choose from. Don’t get overwhelmed though—you don’t have to choose just one. In fact, for a relaxing and tropical beach vacation with your girlies to a destination such as the Bahamas, we actually recommend bringing multiple swimsuits. Mix and match bikini separates, swim skirts, rashguards, and more.

Use these tips for an amazing girl's trip to the Bahamas, and grab your girls and get going!


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