Packing for a Family Trip to Colombia in Fall

Packing for a Family Trip to Colombia in Fall

You have an upcoming trip to Colombia - how exciting! You and your family will love this beautiful country because it's a radiant scene of music, colorful architecture, and smiling faces. With its lush rainforest, incredible mountains, tropical coast, and stunning cities, it's easy to get overwhelmed when figuring out how to pack for a family trip there.

Packing Will Depend on the Region

Part of what makes it challenging to plan your packing is how variable the weather is across the country. That's why it's important to know which parts of the country you'll be visiting to plan for that region's specific weather system.

For example, if you plan to go to the coffee region in Quindio, in the center of Colombia, you'll want to pack a coat. In this mountainous area, you'll find snow, and the temperatures get very low. If you make this a part of your trip, you must pack a women's winter coat, as well as jackets for your partner and the kids. In addition to coats, you'll also need other warm gear like hats, gloves, and long underwear.

Alternatively, suppose your destination is the Colombian section of the Amazon. In that case, you'll want to pack everyone in breathable fabrics and loose-fitting clothing as temperatures get very hot and the climate is muggy.

Or, if you're going to Cartagena to visit one of the region's incredible beaches, you'll need family swimwear, more specifically, sun protective swimwear. The sun is intense, so you must keep everyone safe all day at the beach with protective gear and sunscreen.

As you can see, Colombia has many climates, so it's essential to check the weather and conditions in the specific area(s) you will visit. The particular environment will inform you what's crucial for you to pack.

Must-Haves for Colombia

Whenever getting ready for a trip to a new destination, it's good to research to understand what to expect from your trip. No matter where you go in Colombia, you must consider a few necessities when planning your trip.

Bug spray will be at the top of our list, as the little critters can be pretty nasty in this part of the world. Although your bug spray will do a lot of work protecting you, bring an after-bite lotion for the bites you get.

Sunscreen is a must, especially if you bring the little ones to the beach.

Toiletries will be vital for your family's comfort, including travel versions of preferred shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and feminine hygiene products.

Bucket hats to protect your face and eyes from the harsh sun.

A first-aid kit, including antihistamines and pain relievers, medications, medical equipment, and other necessities, must also be on the list.

Pack a light backpack for day trips to carry the essentials with you, including snacks for the kids, your phone, wallet, and maps of the local area.

Create a To-Do List

Check the CDC website for the country's requirements and recommendations regarding vaccines and medications that will make your trip safer.

Contact your bank to notify them you will be leaving the country. You want your bank to know where you're going so they don't freeze your funds because they don't recognize the out-of-country activity on your accounts.

Plan for how you will keep in contact with those at home. You can bring your Smartphone and purchase a SIM card to use abroad. Or use free apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram to message loved ones when you have Wifi.

Secure and gather all the legal documents you'll need for the whole family, including passports and printed itineraries.

Unless you already know Spanish, it's good to plan how to communicate with locals and people you meet. A phrasebook can be helpful to have basic phrases on hand. A translator app will also do the trick, and communicating this way is becoming increasingly common.

Leave room in your suitcase to bring home souvenirs, clothing, and jewelry, because you'll want to remember the trip for a long time, and it's nice to have keepsakes to hold on to.

Colombia is a gorgeous country with so much biodiversity, culture, and sightseeing, so you will want to bring an excellent camera. If your phone camera isn't up for the task, consider investing in a handheld camera or a GoPro to capture photos that will preserve moments with the kids forever.

The Value of a Family Trip to Colombia

Colombia is a stunning country with an unbelievable amount to offer its visitors. It's fabulous that you plan to bring the children to a foreign country because it gives them opportunities to try out new foods and ways of experiencing the world. By exposing children to other places, they can learn to appreciate other cultures from a young age. With some planning and an adventurous mindset, you and your family will have a blast.


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