Packing for a Fall Trip to Switzerland

Packing for a Fall Trip to Switzerland

If you are headed to Geneva for a business trip this fall, kudos to you! Switzerland is a beautiful country to visit in the fall, no matter the purpose of your travel. But you may have found yourself at a loss for how to pack for this alpine country during a transitional season.

While the weather this time of year can be quite variable, there are some great basic tips and tricks we have to offer so you can rest assured that you will look and feel your best during your work trip. So, grab your suitcase and get ready because we’re here to give you the ultimate packing list for a business trip to Switzerland in the fall.

Getting (and Staying) Organized With Packing Cubes

If you don’t already have packing cubes, this may be your sign to invest in a set. Packing cubes are a business traveler’s best friend. They will help you get organized while packing, helping to ensure that you don’t forget anything vital while abroad.

The best travel accessories are those that don’t take up much (if any) extra space and they serve at least one specific purpose. A collapsable, reusable water bottle is another fantastic travel accessory we highly recommend. They weigh almost nothing, save you money on expensive airport bottled water, and help reduce waste. Don’t worry about bringing a water filter or buying bottled water once you get there, either. Switzerland has some of the cleanest and best-tasting tap water in the world.


Like most places in the fall, dressing a Switzerland autumn is all about layers. Bring at least a couple of lightweight base layers, such as a few pairs of leggings and/or tights, as well as a few long-sleeved shirts. We recommend silk, bamboo, or a lightweight synthetic version of one of these fabrics. Unless you plan on going late in the year and taking a side trip to the snowy alps, it’s not quite cold enough yet to warrant wool thermals, but unless you’re used to cold and windy weather, you might want to bring some base layers just in case.

Bring a couple of sweaters: at least one that you consider business casual and at least one more that is super warm and comfy for wearing while traveling as you lounge in your hotel room, or for heading to breakfast in the morning.

You likely won’t need any heavy-duty winter clothing, but if you are traveling later in the fall season, closer to the winter months, then you may want to bring a hat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves.

Layering for Professional Spaces

While packing for a business trip, you will need to consider how to stay warm and comfortable while also maintaining your business professional aesthetic. Depending on your business environment, you can simply layer a cashmere sweater under your blazer or wear fleece leggings under your pencil skirt or slacks.

If you want to maintain your business-professional look without compromising your comfort or warmth, we recommend layering underneath rather than adding bulky layers over your outfit. For example, you could start with a tank top or camisole, then wear a long-sleeved shirt over that, with a pair of fleece or merino wool leggings. On top of those layers, add a collared shirt or another professional blouse. You can invest in a wool suit for extra warmth, or layer the suit jacket and trousers you already have. Wear a pair of merino wool socks and a pair of leather ankle boots to complete your autumnal Swiss business aesthetic.


Switzerland in the fall can have some unpredictable weather, so it’s best to go prepared with some good weather-proof outerwear. You won’t be needing a snowsuit and it’s unlikely you’ll have to deal with sub-freezing temperatures, but the weather can get cold, windy, and wet very quickly in and around the Alps, especially this time of year. A good waterproof parka is a great choice for Switzerland in the fall.


When considering what shoes to bring on your business trip, consider first how much walking you will be doing. A pair of leather pumps may be your go-to office shoe, but is the one or two hours you may wear them worth the space they will take up in your suitcase?

We recommend bringing one pair of hiking boots or other comfortable walking shoes that you can wear while traveling and wear around to see the sights while you’re not working. In addition to those, a pair of leather boots, professional flats, or ankle boots should suffice.

Using these recommendations and tips as a starting point, we know you’ll have a great trip to Switzerland this fall.


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