Packing for a Summer Trip to Italy

Packing for a Summer Trip to Italy

How thrilling - you've planned the perfect vacation to enjoy your retirement. Destination: Italy, a country that sparks romance, excitement, and joy. Not only will you have a blast enjoying the vibrant culture, cuisine, and scenery, but you'll strengthen your relationship as a couple. Trying new things, seeing new places, and embracing new cultures can gratify and spark conversation. What better way to enjoy your best years than to hit the skies and land in the heavenly paradise of Italy?

Since it's a new place with an entirely different landscape and weather system, it's good to research before heading off on your adventure. You'll need to know the weather while you're there, the terrain, the activities you'll be partaking in, and more. While it may feel overwhelming now, we'll help make packing easy with a list of essentials to make your excursion leisurely. You want to pack light, so you only have a little to carry, but having all the little things that keep you and your love happy, healthy, and comfortable is necessary.

Check the Weather

Where do we start? First off, take a look at the forecast. Generally, summers in Italy are hot, averaging above 75 F, and humidity levels are high. The days are hotter, and the nights get a little cooler. The country has a range of weather conditions due to its large size, which means that the northern region of Italy will require a different set of clothing than the southern region, so plan accordingly.

Pack a variety of options that allow you to mix and match. Warm temps mean you'll need to pack lots of hot-weather clothing like Bermuda shorts, cute tank tops, and vacation dresses. A favorite and trendy summer clothing item is the infamous skort, which doubles as having the cute look of being a skirt while offering the modesty of shorts underneath so that you can be active throughout your trip.


A versatile day trip bag will be a must, as when you leave the Airbnb or hotel for the day, you'll want to keep a few essentials with you, including water, sun protectants, a phone, wallet, keys, and other necessities. Versatile items are a plus, like shawls and wraps that you can wear as a scarf out for a nice dinner, or wrapped around your swimsuit during a beach day. A light jacket is an excellent addition to your bag, as you might need it at the airport if you get chilly during plane rides, but it will also be useful going out to dinner when the weather is a little cooler. Extra points if it's waterproof because you may need a rain jacket at some point in your trip.

Pack Sun Gear

That hot Italian sun will be intense, so it's essential to have you and your partner's skin protected throughout the trip. There's nothing worse than getting a horrible sunburn the first day and being in pain the rest of the journey. There are a few different ways to protect the rest of your body from the sun, with various styles of sun-proof clothing available, from rash guards and cover-ups to swim trunks and one pieces. Sun hats will go a long way in preventing over-exposure on your face and in reducing premature age marks due to sun damage. And, of course, 100% UV sunglasses will be a must, as your eyes can be damaged from heavy sun exposure, leading to health problems that are easily avoidable with high-quality sunglasses. Along with these sun protectants, you'll need a sunscreen suitable for the UV index. Remember to re-apply every two hours, so the sunscreen isn't washed off in the water, leaving you and your loved one unprotected.

Pack Comfortable Shoes

You'll need a few pairs of shoes, one being a comfortable, rugged walking shoe that is close-toed and breathable. Italy offers travelers a stunning landscape that you'll want to traverse with your partner, so your shoes must take the adventure as well as you can. Additionally, sandals or flip-flops will be ideal for walking along stunning beaches and casual hangout days.


Another basic set of items on your packing list will be toiletries, medications, and chargers. When it comes to toiletries, medications need to be with you at all times, and it doesn't hurt to pack your preferred shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, razor, insect repellent, after-bite cream, first aid kit, and any other items that will keep you and your partner happy and comfortable. Something else to consider is that Italy has a different wall plug-in than we do, so it doesn't hurt to pack adaptors for plugging electronics into the walls. Although they'll be available in Italy, it takes one thing off your worry list and makes you all the more prepared.

Enjoy your time in Italy!


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