Packing for a Fall Trip to Greece on a Family Vacation

Packing for a Fall Trip to Greece on a Family Vacation

If the leaves are changing colors and you're on your way to Greece for your next family vacation, you have such a great time to look forward to! Ancient ruins and stunning waters are hallmarks of the beautiful country that has been so influential to world history and American history, in particular. Visiting in autumn means you'll miss most of the summer crowds and get to enjoy Greece with less lines. So, how should you pack if you're taking your family to Greece for a fall trip? Here are some ideas with a little for everyone.

First, What's The Weather Like?

Greece is in the more southern part of Europe so it should be pretty warm, even if you're traveling in the fall. Of course, "warm" is relative. If you're coming from a place where it snows, you'll agree. If you're on your way in from anywhere in the south of the country, you may disagree. Greece is rarely below freezing but can be windy, especially on the coast. Snow can sometimes occur in the north, but you shouldn't run into that in the fall.

In the northern areas of Greece, like the city of Thessalonica, you should see 60s to 70s as you get into the season, then 50s and 40s as winter draws closer. In the south, like where the capital, Athens, is located, it's even warmer. 70s are typical in the early autumn months, then low 60s and high 50s as time goes on. The sea temperature should be in the 70s and high 60s even through the fall months, so leave space in your luggage for your bathing suits! Remember that these numbers are just averages, so always be sure to check weather forecasts to confirm.

Outfits for the Girls

When you're considering outfits for Greece, the nautical theme is a great one to go with! Pick up the colors of the nearby Mediterranean with an azure blue and white patterned dress light enough to blow in the sea breezes. If you're worried about the cold, choose a maxi dress to give you more coverage. Bring along a pair of tights or even thermals you can slip underneath your dress and add a light blue or white button-up cardigan on top for an extra layer of warmth.

You can't be nautical without stripes! Blue and white striped pants with a white blouse or a striped blouse with white womens' shorts or pants make gorgeous combinations. Blue jeans can also be a nod to the colors around you and would work great with a long-sleeved t-shirt or a light cardigan sweater. White flats you can do a lot of walking in would look super cute, but if you're worried about comfort, go with a reliable pair of sneakers. If you're going to the beach, a few pairs of sandals are essential. If you're going later in the fall and planning to be in the north, you may want to consider boots, especially if you're planning to do some hiking.

For your younger ones, light colors may mean the dirt shows up even better. In that case, you'll want to move to darker colors. However, be sure to keep the fabrics light so your little one isn't overwhelmed on a hot day. For your daughter, lightweight cotton tops and matching pants or shorts in a dark purple with Princess Jasmine on the front, or a dark green mermaid outfit (or whatever the favorite color and theme are) would be fun. Include a dress, particularly one that is patterned with navy, green, and white stripes or a floral print, would give her some variety as well as help hide spills. Finally, a pair or two of jeans, both as pants and as shorts, are hardy and should serve you well if your little girl is hard on her clothes. Bring along layers to build up and remove as the weather dictates and go with comfortable walking shoes and a pair of flip-flops for the beach.

Outfits for the Guys

Whether you're an older gentleman or a younger one, these outfits are for you! Sticking with nautical colors, a white men's oxford shirt with navy shorts or pants would be a classy combination. Switch it out for a crewneck or v-neck t-shirt for a more casual look. Alternatively, you could go with a pair of white shorts and a light blue shirt or a men's chambray shirt. Opt for short sleeves or roll your long sleeves to complete the look. Another classy outfit for the beach is a white collared shirt with khaki pants. If you want to go full nautical with stripes, a blue and white striped shirt paired with white shorts or pants is a great option. If you need layers, a cardigan sweater or a zip-up hoodie for those who are chill is good to bring along. As for shoes, sneakers should serve you for lots of walking, flip-flops will get you around the beach, and boat shoes will work for those who want something that falls between the first two.

For your little guy, again, the darker colors may be important. A navy and white striped shirt and navy shorts or pants would fulfill those requirements while still looking nice. The colors gray and navy work well for basic t-shirt and shorts combos. Jeans might also be a good move for your son. They are thicker, but that could be helpful if your little boy is prone to taking falls. Again, layers and comfortable shoes are always advised.

And everyone, remember your straw hats and sunglasses! Have a great Greecian vacation!


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