Packing for a Fall Business Trip to the Czech Republic as a Single Woman

Packing for a Fall Business Trip to the Czech Republic as a Single Woman

Are you going to the Czech Republic on business? How exciting! Let’s look at some packing tips to help you stay professional, focused, and comfortable on your business trip (and in case you can tack on an extra day or two just for yourself).

More Business Than Casual

The Czech Republic is more formal than the United States, so it’s a good idea to study a bit about the business culture there so you will present yourself well and be comfortable doing it. If you have a chance to interact with your Czech colleagues by video conference ahead of your trip, this may give you a feel for the differences in business culture. For example, being punctual or early for appointments is considered more important in the Czech Republic than it is in many corporate cultures in the United States. The more you know, the more you can set yourself up for success.

Start by upgrading your business casual wardrobe to all business options well before your trip. Dark-colored pantsuits or skirts and women’s white blouses are good staples to have on hand. Consider packing a small bottle of spray-on fabric softener to help ease wrinkles. Opt for a blazer over a cardigan for meetings. When in doubt, think professional, not business casual. See if you can get a feel for the itinerary in advance to see if it is all meetings or if there will be business dinners or special events included as well. This will help you to plan what to bring. However, at the same time, everyone will understand that you are traveling on business, so they won’t expect you to appear in a completely different outfit for every occasion. Professional options that can be mixed and matched, like classically cut tops, blazers, and dress pants, will be best.

Business Dining is More Formal, Too

If you are conducting business in the Czech Republic, chances are you won’t be grabbing a sandwich for lunch in a conference room as you might do in the United States. Business lunches and dinners are both likely to include multiple courses and take time. You may miss this when you are back at your desk with a salad when you get home!

With this in mind, go for comfortable yet business-like attire that can go from working in the office to a luncheon or evening meal. Natural fabrics that breathe, like silk and cotton, are good choices. A business-like women’s dress can be nice to break up the work week’s attire. A black sheath dress in a conservative cut that you can wear one of your blazers with is a great option.


You’ll probably want to stick with low-heeled pumps for business meetings. A pair of black pumps built for walking can take you almost anywhere (and wear all week long with different outfits to keep your packing light). For a stylish twist on lower heels, consider a classic pair of black kitten heels. A pair of women’s slippers to slide into at the end of the day can be a wonderful form of self-care.

Don’t forget a great pair of walking shoes! You’ll want them to get to and from the airport (even if you tuck your heels into your backpack or briefcase). If your trip includes Prague, see if you can tuck in some time to take one of the many free walking tours available, you’ll be glad you did! An extra day or two for sightseeing can be a treat! You might get a peek at Prague Castle or the Charles Bridge as you drive by, but the city is full of sights to see, and so are the surrounding areas. Be sure to have a list handy of places that you would like to visit if you get some free time. The John Lennon Wall is an incredible stop for social media lovers and Beatles fans alike. It was first painted in 1988 in reaction to the communist regime and is now covered with song lyrics and portraits of John Lennon.


Fall is a great time to visit the Czech Republic. It’s still pleasantly warm, and the tourists have thinned out, making it easier to get where you want to go for either business or pleasure. You’ll want to have a light wrap with you—a classic trench coat is a good choice for business as it works for day and evening and will give you some insulation in case of a chill. A fold-up umbrella is a smart accessory to stash in your work bag. A women’s fleece jacket is perfect for sightseeing.

You’ll want to plan and shop in advance to ensure you will be professional, stylish, and comfortable on your business trip to the Czech Republic. Wow! What an opportunity!


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