Are Packable Down Coats Warm?

Are Packable Down Coats Warm?

As winter approaches, you want to make sure you have a warm, well-made, and cozy jacket for you and your family. One of the most versatile jacket options for winter days is a down coat, which is waterproof and easy to pair with any outfit.

Not only are they versatile, but they’re also exceptionally warm — much warmer than a wool fashion coat. Down coats are a great go-to jacket for the winter months and come in many prints and colors beyond the classic black and white.

What Is a Packable Down Coat?

First, let's talk about down coats as a whole: Down jackets are winter coats that are known to keep you warm — they’re stuffed with super-warm insulation created from duck or goose feathers. They’re sometimes known by the more casual term puffer jacket, and they look the way they sound. They’re puffy, insulated, waterproof, and ideal for cold and damp winter days. They have zip-up pockets both on the outside and inside of the coat, so you can easily store essential items like keys and your wallet, too.

Packable down coats are just like the non-packable coats, the only difference is that they fold nicely and can fit into overnight bags or suitcases, making them ideal for ski weekends. Some of our Lands’ End packable down coats even fit into a small internal pocket, so you don’t even have to break out extra storage options for this item.

Packable down jackets come in all sizes and colors and are available for adults, kids, and babies. They come in varieties like waist-length coats, packable down vests and long, calf-length jackets.

Are Packable Down Coats Warm?

All down jackets are warm, whether it’s a packable jacket or a more bulky variety. Our Lands’ End packable down coats are made for freezing temperatures — meaning they’re ideal for super-cold days. Our jackets range in warmth, but they’re meant for days as cold as three degrees depending on the jacket you select.

There’s no need to worry if your local climate doesn’t get quite that cold. Some of our down coats are ideal for days closer to 32 degrees. Either way, though, packable down coats are warm — sometimes even warm enough to wear just over a T-shirt on a cold winter’s day. Unlike wool winter coats, down coats are created to keep you warm and dry, even on rainy or snowy days. So, even if your down coat gets wet, you’ll stay warm.

Why Do People Like Packable Down Coats?

There are a plethora of reasons why people opt for packable down coats instead of their non-packable alternative. One big reason is storage. Packable down coats make storage easy since they can fit in storage containers during the spring and summer months. Additionally, for families who do a lot of winter traveling, packable down coats are easier to bring along on planes and long road trips.

Packable down coats are also less bulky than many winter coats on the market. They easily fit over your sweater or top while giving you plenty of ability to move around comfortably. They’re intended to be a sleek, easy option for those looking for a reliable winter coat.

How Do I Wear A Down Coat?

Down coats go with many outfits. Because of their varying lengths, colors, and styles, they can be worn with high-rise jeans and a cashmere turtleneck or tights and business-casual work dress. Down coats can even be thrown on over workout gear or your favorite sports team hoodie. They’re one of the easiest to style coats available because of their efficiency and warmth.

Down coats are available for kids, too, and are a great option for school days, field trips, visits with family, or get-togethers with neighbors. Kids can wear them with snow pants before going out on a snow day or with their school uniform on a cold, but not snowy day. In other words, they’re ideal for all sorts of situations, including an unexpected snowfall.

A packable down coat is a great option for cold winter months and snowy days. Your down coat will keep you warm and dry for seasons to come — they’re truly built to last and won’t need to be replaced every winter season. Plus, they go with almost everything in your closet and are as functional as they are stylish.

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