Packable Down Coats for Jet Setters

Packable Down Coats for Jet Setters

Lightweight yet warm, easy to stow and pack, and made to take on everything your travels dish out, packable down coats for jet setters are a must. Be prepared for anything with a down coat that stores conveniently in your bag for every trip! The following styles will help ward off the chill without taking up much room in your duffel or suitcase.

The Versatile Ultralight Packable Down Jacket

The basic packable down jacket is made with ultralight materials that are light yet warm. These come in men’s down jackets as well as women’s styles, and they typically fall to hip length with a full zipper. The standing collar helps protect against the wind when fully zipped, but these don’t usually have hoods attached. Look for sleek, light fabrics such as nylon for the outer shell in a basic version of the packable down jacket. These simple yet flattering styles are highly functional and a must-have for your travels.

The Long Packable Down Coats

If your adventures may take you where you need a little added warmth and protection, a packable long down coat might fit the bill. These are typically similar to a basic hip-length packable down coat, but they have a slightly longer length, falling several inches below the hips. This is also a very flattering length that provides extra warmth and coverage. These may also be equipped with hoods to protect against wind, rain, snow, or other inclement weather that could arise.

The Packable Down Vest

If you’re looking for an option that’s great for layering, has the warmth of down, is easily packable, yet doesn’t have the complete coverage of a full jacket, a packable men’s or women’s down vest might be your new best friend. It keeps the central core part of the body toasty warm while freeing up the arms from any extra layers to keep you as active as possible. These usually have a full-length zipper and a standing collar when completely zipped. It’s the perfect layering piece to toss in your suitcase or overnight bag!

Features to Look for in Your Packable Down Coats

It’s easy to decide that a packable down piece is perfect for traveling, but there are some key features you’ll want to look for when picking out your jacket.

Warmth rating: Since these jackets are made with down, you know they’ll be warm, but just exactly how warm? To determine this, look at the temperature rating (normally done as a range of temperatures that the jacket is appropriate for) for the jacket you are considering. You may need additional layering pieces or a heavier jacket in addition to your packable down depending on the area you are visiting and the time of year.

Pockets: Pockets are essential for keeping your important items safe. Some styles come with zip pockets on the main part of the jacket. Other styles include side slant pockets that are excellent for keeping your hands toasty warm. Look for the type and number of pockets that will fit your needs in a packable down coat.

Water-resistant or water repellent: If wet weather is a possibility, a packable coat that offers water-resistant or water-repellent properties is a good choice. If your main concern is warmth, you can opt for a standard jacket that doesn’t have the water-resistant features. Some styles are also equipped to retain warmth even when wet, so that is another consideration when shopping.

Down source: Does the jacket you are considering using ethically-sourced down? This can give you added peace of mind so you can feel good about your jacket purchase.

Machine-washable: With your on-the-go lifestyle, having to worry about dry cleaning can cramp your style. Instead, look for a machine-washable packable down that makes it a breeze to get your jacket looking like new in no time, no matter what the weather or your adventures bring on.

How Does the Jacket Pack?

Look at how to jacket packs up to make sure it’s the right style for you. Many fold and can be neatly packed inside interior pockets, so they take up very little room in your bag. Also, make sure the instructions for packing it are clear so you can easily grab it and go when you’re ready to take off.

Color and Style

Along with the obvious benefits of packable down, you’ll also want to look for colors and styles that fit your personality. Many packable down coats are done with streamlined looks that fit and flatter. You can also find a wide range of color possibilities, including neutral shades, pastel hues, and bright or bold colors. You can also find fun, stylish prints as well.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Your jet-setting lifestyle demands that you’re prepared for all the excitement and adventure the world has to offer. Be prepared with other cold-weather accessories like hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, and packable raincoats, too.

Packable down jackets have a lot to offer today’s busy generations. No matter where your travels take you, you can be prepared for any type of weather by tossing a versatile down coat into your bag. Get ready for your next adventure with the perfect packable coat!


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